- 09/29/2017


YouTube Channel Analytics Now Supported

We are pleased to announce that SumAll now supports YouTube analytics!

Connecting your YouTube account, adds your channels to your emailed digest – updating you with information about your audience, reach, engagement, and post activity. All you have to do is log in or sign-up and connect your YouTube account.

So what metrics are provided?

Below is a list of all the data you will receive in your emailed digests:

Your YouTube Channel Analytcs:

  • Audience
    • Subscriptions:The number of users who have subscribed to your channel.
  • Engagement
    • Comments: The number of comments your videos have received.
    • Likes: The number of likes your videos have received.
    • Dislikes: The number of dislikes your videos have received.
  • Reach
    • Views: The number of views your videos have recieved.
  • Post Activity
    • Videos Posted: The number of videos you posted to this channel.

So what do you think? Are you as excited as we are about YouTube analytics? Let us know in the comments below!