- 03/01/2013


Why You Should Compare Multiple Google Analytics Accounts

As a marketing consultant or agency, there’s a good chance that you work with several clients in related industries. While Google Analytics gives you lots of options to compare different segments of data within a website profile, it does not allow you to compare segments of data across multiple website profiles.

If you’d like to do this, you’re in luck – SumAll allows you to connect multiple Google Analytics accounts and profiles in one place. Here’s what this approach can help you achieve.

Determine Averages

Since your client only has their own analytics to go on, they may not understand traffic peaks and valleys. That misunderstanding may lead to them questioning your services. While you obviously can’t show off your other client’s data, you can show them just the graph of their analytics data against similar websites in their industry. This will allow them to see, for example, that other B2B websites peak during weekdays and dip during weekends. Or that other websites in their industry get more search traffic than social, or vice versa.

Identify What Works and What Doesn’t

If you provide different services for each of your clients, you can analyze your client’s analytics data simultaneously to see if those services are making a big difference. For example, if you begin to see one client’s Facebook referral traffic increase dramatically because you are updating their page daily, then you will have the confidence to suggest the same service for another client so they can have similar results.

Alternatively, if you get a lot of requests for particular services, but you notice those services do not work for clients in a particular industry, you will know to suggest something else to those clients’ requests. When you focus on strategies that you know will bring results to your clients, you will have happier clients!

Spot Problems

When you have the ability to look at data across multiple sites, you will be able to quickly see both positive and negative trends. For example, if you are comparing Google search traffic between several sites, you might notice that one site is declining where others are remaining stable or even increasing. This could signal you towards a potential penalty that one website may have suffered without you having to go from one Google Analytics profile to the next.

You may also find a reason for problems when you are looking at multiple sources of data. Let’s say that Facebook implements a new algorithmic change that lowers the visibility of status updates from a company page. Instead of wondering what was happening with one client’s account, you would get to see that most of your clients were losing Facebook referral traffic. This would open the door to seeing if all of those clients would be interested in consulting, management, or training on Facebook Advertising to boost traffic up again.

Lower Management Time

What’s the best reason to put all of your Google Analytics data in one place? It can become tedious to switch from one profile to the next, noting changes in traffic volume, new sources of referral traffic, improvements in bounce rate, and other data you want to keep track of in order to make sure your online marketing efforts are working for clients.

When you have everything in one place, you can just click on multiple client’s data simultaneously for quick checking. This means you can spend more time working on campaigns and less time analyzing their results.

Ready to get your client’s data in one place? Sign up for SumAll today (it’s free) and start connecting Google Analytics and other insights.