Twitter Segmentation for SumAll: All the New Features You Need to Know

A few weeks ago, we released our Twitter segmentation feature. We want you to have as much information about your audience as possible so that you can market to your audience more effectively and optimize your spend. Thus, we have expanded the Twitter Segmentation export with new categories.

The Twitter Segmentation now includes your followers’ followers, identification of verified accounts, time zones, and how often they favorite (recently changed to “like”) things! That opens up a whole new world of possibilities and increases the number of smart marketing tactics you can employ. Here are our top five that you can start implementing immediately.

1. Sort by Favorites.
A few weeks back, Twitter changed the Favorite feature to Likes. Regardless of what you want to call it, this action is a measure of activity and likeliness to engage with content. The higher the favorites number, the higher the likelihood that the person will “like” and therefore engage with your tweets. A good best practice here is to drop everyone with less than 500 likes or favorites. Followers with more than 500 is a great list you can use to buy promoted content against because they are FAR more likely to retweet and engage with your content.

2. Identify Engaged Influencers.
You can sort your followers by how big their audience is and cross reference that with how engaged they are using favorites. This will create a list of your followers who not only have influence but share a lot. Start engaging with them in every way possible. Because of their natural tendency to share and interact with content, your odds of getting further reach with your tweets is highest with this group.

3. Time Zones.
Uncover what time zones your biggest groups of followers are in. That is important when you are working to set up content schedules or plan events. You can use this information to get posts scheduled locally in their timezone or schedule events like webinars or Twitter chats at a time when most people can attend.

4. Find the internet celebs.
Those that have large brands outside of Twitter tend to follow very few people compared to how many people follow them. You are extremely lucky to have those folks following you. Some of these accounts may even be verified. (No worries, we tell you if they are as well.) Create content with them in mind or mention them directly as a way to build visibility.

5. Clean up your audience.
On the flip side, you can also identify Twitter bots and spam accounts who are following a large amount of people but have little to no followers themselves. You can find both groups, spammers and celebrities, by identifying their follower to following ratio in your Twitter segment export.

To get started using Twitter Segmentation, login to your SumAll account.

Updated November 22, 2017.