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Timing Is Everything. Post Smarter Right Meow.

To satisfy everyone’s appetite for information on when they should be posting to social media (and their intense love of cats), we recently added LinkedIn to our golden hour infographic.

We scoured the internet looking for the best times to post to the most popular social media networks and collected all the information into this printable infographic. Enjoy. Meow.


To recap:

Twitter  1-3pm weekdays
Facebook  1-4pm weekdays
LinkedIn 7-8:30am and 5-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Tumblr   7-10pm weekdays and 4pm on Fridays
Instagram  5-6pm weekdays and 8pm on Mondays with a sweetspot at 6pm
Pinterest  2-4pm and 8-11pm weekdays with weekends being the best
Google+  9-11am weekdays

Everyone has their own idea of when prime posting time is, our favorite being the Burrito Principle. The folks at Stay Classy developed this theory based on the premise that you want to catch people on their downtime. So get their attention early in the morning between 7:30 and 10am during the commute, during a lunch feast of burritos between 12:30 and 2:30pm, or evening rush hour between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Of course times vary depending on the type of business, who your audience is, and your own schedule so don’t think these times are set in stone. Let us know what times you found works for you in the comments below!

Sources:, Search Engine Watch, Social Media Today

UPDATE: Our time zone infographic is a companion piece to this post – now you’ll know what time to post so that, say, people in London will be more likely see it.

Updated November 20, 2017.