The Twitter Segmentation Guide: 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing and Sales

There’s no right way to use it Twitter. From the casual user who’s interested in getting the latest celebrity gossip news to the small business owner looking to establish their brand – Twitter is what you make of it.

In this guide, we will talk about how you can use the new SumAll Twitter Segmentation tool to leverage the power of your audience to help you effectively convert your followers into customers. Understanding exactly what kinds of people are in your audience is the key to developing social media campaigns that improve your strategy and success.

So what exactly is Twitter Segmentation?

How Twitter Segmentation Works

Social media continues to be a marketing a channel that requires advertising to maximize the return on investment.

Twitter Segmentation allows you to sort your Twitter audience by network size (how many followers your followers have) and easily export them in a neatly organized list. You can then take this list and use it in Twitter Ads for more effective ad targeting, set up email campaigns, engage with your biggest influencers, and more.

When Twitter Segmentation Comes in Handy

Improve your Twitter Ads.

Social media platforms continue to be marketing channels that require advertising to maximize the return on investment. On Twitter specifically, the average lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes. With an audience of followers across time zones, there is no denying that all of your followers will not be able to see all of your tweets. Twitter advertising allows you to lengthen the exposure period and targeting of your tweets to ensure you are getting the right messages in front of the right people at the right time.

How do you do this you ask?

First, you create a segment of at least 1000 followers you want to target using SumAll. Then visit Once in the account hit Audiences then Create Audience. You will select and upload  the CSV file you downloaded from SumAll. Be mindful, it will take some time to match the file, and you will need at least 500 active users to make an audience.

Create another customer touchpoint via email.

Your audience doesn’t automatically translate from one platform to the other. You can have half a million users across your social media channels, yet only a few thousand on your email list. You are missing out on nurturing those leads if you are not able to market directly to them via email. While brand awareness via social media is great, email is better. Just look at the facts.

  • Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion. (McKinsey & Company)
  • Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company)

For businesses who have this problem and want to grow their email list, we created a solution. Provide us with your audience members’ handles, and we will match their email addresses and other demographic information. Convert your followers on social media into subscribers on Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, or any other email provider.

Surprise and delight your influencers.

Have influencers that you want to surprise and delight? The camera brand GoPro identified an influential follower and surprised him and sent a GoPro camera. Excited by the surprise, the fan posted a photo of his new gift on Instagram, resulting in more exposure for the brand and authentic brand engagements. You can do the same with your Twitter audience and build relationships with users who may be your future brand advocates and ambassadors. Buffer is also great at building customer loyalty with surprise treats. Take a look at one engagement below.


Make your communications more targeted and actionable.

Do you have followers in a particular city that you want to invite to an event? Want to drive users of a certain age range to a landing page? Need to remind users in your time zone of your Twitter chat? You can use your segment list to bulk upload tweets through your favorite scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. Identifying and mentioning or DMing your influencers or specific audience members are fantastic ways to extend your reach and brand. Tweet them short simple messages with images. Here’s an example:


Once you download your CSV from our platform, you will be able to open the file and paste in the content you want to say. You can spread out the times to ensure that your feed isn’t flooded with these tweets. Then set it and forget it.

Target your emails based on actions.

Imagine a world where you could appear in a customer’s inbox a day after they started following you on social media. You would be able to continue the conversation and persuade them to take action with your brand while you are still top of mind.  You can set up drip campaigns to nurture the leads you have started conversations with already or identified as potential prospects. These emails are HIGHLY effective, likely do to their uniqueness in the market. Not many brands have the capabilities of sending these types of messages presently. Emails based on actions such as likes and follows can be very consistent drivers of traffic to your site.

Flag your top users to provide top-notch support.

Identifying influencers in your support workflow can prevent catastrophe and create huge advocates. Log into Zapier and bulk upload your audience segment into your help desk system. If you are inundated with tweets, especially during a crisis, flagging influencers is very handy when prioritizing who to respond to.

Obviously, the bigger the following, the larger the influence on your brand, but influencers also behave differently. They are more likely to share your brand on social media, directly mention you, and respond faster. By uploading a list of users to flag on support platforms like Desk and Zendesk, you can be ready to engage when opportunities like the one below happen.


Peter Shankman had over 100,000 followers on Twitter at the time. Had Morton’s steakhouse missed this tweet, they may have lost out on tons of free publicity.

Even if you don’t have the resources to deliver steaks for influencers at airports, you can still engage them. Influencers love to be contacted on their preferred channel. This means that sending a follow-up message on Twitter is welcome, and often becomes a catalyst for a retweeting and other interactions.


Create a Twitter List to easily monitor your top influencers.

Tracking influencers can be key to getting your brand out. Those already following your brand are already prime prospects. They can be past clients or future customers. Keep track of what they say, especially if it relates to your brand or industry as it’s a fantastic place to chime in and build rapport. It takes some effort to build a Twitter list and monitor it on platforms like Hootsuite or TweetDeck, but the targeted messages can have a great return on investment. Even just a retweet from a follower that can expand your reach is worth the time.

How Can You Segment Your Audience?

Network Size

SumAll divides your Twitter audience into groups based on how many followers each of your followers have. We bucket them into five groups. Users with larger followings have more influence and can help or hurt your brand meaningfully depending on how you leverage that relationship.


SumAll breaks your Twitter audience into categories based on how many times they have engaged with your brand. An engagement can be them retweeting you, liking a tweet, DMing you, or any other interaction. Users who interact with you often tend to be more valuable and should be considered important to your brand and marketing efforts. Engagements can mean that a customer is singing your praises or that a user is complaining. Quality is just as important as the quantity of these interactions.


Fake followers are a thing. Your Twitter audience is put into groups based on how active they are on Twitter. Someone who tweets daily is immediately more valuable than someone who tweets once per month. By knowing how activity is spread across your audience, you can focus your effort on the right people. Less active groups yield lower returns.

So now what?

Twitter Segmentation is included with the SumAll Everything Plan. If you’re already subscribed to our premium plan, segmentation is already available for you to use.

And if you haven’t heard, we’re currently holding a contest for a chance to win up to six months free of SumAll Premium. All you need to do is enter your email address and you’re done! Click on the image below to enter.



Updated November 22, 2017.