- 06/29/2015


The Recent Snapchatification of Facebook

Overlay colorful text on photos. Swipeable filters. Resizable emojis and stickers. These are all prominent features of Snapchat that Facebook recently pushed out in their iOS app in an effort to stay relevant and increase engagement among young Internet users.

The popularity of photo sharing has increased with an average of 400 million snaps sent per day with 71% of Snapchat users being under 25. This is vastly different from Facebook with only 28% of users being under 25. Every second, 8,796 photos are uploaded to Snapchat versus 4,501 photos that are uploaded to Facebook. With statistics like this, Facebook is making adjustments to lure users back to the site. Last week, it was announced that Facebook would allow GIFs to be uploaded, which are what made Tumblr so popular among young people. Now Facebook is borrowing some ideas from another, burgeoning social network.  

So what’s in this iOS update anyway?


1. Filters: Once you upload a photo using Facebook uploader on iOS, you can swipe through various filters: Auto, Vintage, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Snow. Sound familiar?

2. Editing Capabilities: You can also edit photos, crop them, tag friends, add text, enhance them, etc.

3. Text: You can now add multi-colored text in different sizes and angles to photos in the iOS app.

4. Stickers: Last but not least, you can add a variety of stickers and icons to your photo to enhance the image as you see fit.

You can access these features using the wand that pops up on the bottom left hand corner of the photo. These feature updates tie into Facebook’s Slingshot – the platform’s Snapchat counterpart. What do you think of the new features? Is your brand savvy and measuring its Snapchat effectiveness? Tell us how you use visual content in the comments below.