- 04/11/2014


UPDATE: A Look at SumAll’s New Interface with The SumBudsman

Jacob here, aka “The SumBudsman,” this time, to re-introduce you to another perspective of SumAll that will be taking effect in the very near future. Whether you’ve been a SumAll customer since our humble beginnings in 2011 or if you signed up yesterday, we want to let you know that SumAll is going to get a face (and brain) lift really soon.

It’s been about a year in the making and something our entire team is very proud of. We want to give you ample time to get acclimated to the new interface before the switch goes permanent, so come along with me as we “test drive” this new perspective.

Taking It for a Spin


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see that bright green button at the top that says “test drive another perspective.” Click it.  At first glance you’ll notice all of your data (of just your favorites) is right here. If you receive Daily Digest e-mails from us, you’ll notice the resemblance here. The reason for this is that you can quickly get a feel for how each of your connected platforms is doing, then dive deeper if you want to know more. If you noticed that you don’t see a chart right away, don’t worry just yet.


Now take a look at the black navigation bar at the top. Click on “My Favorites” or “this Week” to get it to expand. To the left you can switch between your favorites and all of your data. Moving right, you can select whether you’d like to show today’s stats, this week, your stats from the month, or a date range that you can select yourself. Some of you requested the ability to select a custom date range and we’re very happy to be bringing you this brand new feature.


The New Chart View

Now to see your data in a chart; see those little arrow buttons all the way to the right in each of your datasets? Click one. Ahhh, now that’s the stuff. We’ve given you the ability to bring any other dataset from your “Library” on the left. Just click “add” on any of the platform’s data points and it will slide into the the chat. If you’d like to see the numbers pop up on your chart, just hover over the visual and they’ll appear.


We believe all of your data is connected and want to show you how one thing affects another, thus the catalyst for these additions to the product. What’s the point of social media for your business? Probably to build your brand, create a public face, but also to drive traffic to your website and online store. See your Twitter traffic or Facebook likes dwindling? Those can affect your site traffic, traffic on your blog, sales, etc. See how this information might help you make better decisions?


A couple more of my favorite things about the new view are the details for each dataset and the ability to share some of your progress on Twitter. I’ll explain. Let’s take our blog traffic via Google Analytics for example. If I click “see details” next to the “visits” dataset, I can see a breakdown and list of the top sites driving traffic to the SumAll blog. If you want to know more about why your retweet reach was so high for the week, click “see details” and you’ll see who or what you can attribute this to. There are a lot more “see details” options, so have a click around and see what you like the best. Want to share your progress on Twitter? Click the circular Twitter button to the right that says “Share” and let your followers know your stats.



This is just a very quick overview of the new look and feel of SumAll. We encourage you to play around and tell us what you like and don’t like. We’ll be adding a lot more features to the new view very soon so stay tuned…

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