The SumBudsman: SumAll Now with 100% More Tweets Baked Right In

“The SumBudsman” is back two weeks in a row now! This week I’m happy to introduce embedded tweets baked right into SumAll, meaning you don’t have to leave the tool to see some of your most important content.

This Is How You Do It

Just in case you don’t have the Twitter metrics selected as favorites that display the embedded tweets, the first thing you’ll want to do after you’ve logged in is make sure you have “All my data” selected in the top menu.



From there, you’ll want to take a look at your Twitter account. The two metrics that show tweets right in SumAll are “Mentions” and “Tweets.” If you Click on “See details“ under your “Mentions” metric, you’ll see the top five tweets (based on the number of followers the mentioner has) for the time period you’ve selected. This is a great tool for staying on top of who is influencing your brand. If someone with a lot of followers is tweeting at you, then you’ll want to know so you can react accordingly, especially if they’re not exactly saying something good about you.


TIP: Periodically check your top mentioners for the week, day, or month and cultivate a relationship with them. Reach out to say thanks, or if you’re feeling generous, send them some snail mail, a fruit basket, or a case of beer.

Under the “Tweets” metric you can take a look at your five most recent tweets. What’s the point you ask? You can take a look at your most recent content without having to leave SumAll. This is especially helpful if you have a social media team that’s tweeting from your account; you can keep an eye on what they’re broadcasting. Additionally, if you notice a quick spike in your retweet activity, it’s a good idea to check here, because it could have been one of your most recent tweets.


So far these are the only two metrics we have embedded tweets rolled out to so far, but look for more features like this in the future. Don’t forget though, you can still see who your other influential tweeps are in the “Retweet Reach” metric.


Have a twitter feature in mind that you don’t already see in SumAll? Let us know in the comments below.

Updated November 21, 2017.