- 02/10/2016


SumAll Customized Data – Available at Last!

About one year ago we released SumAll Reports and Insights to provide in-depth, actionable metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Analytics for businesses. Since then, one of our most frequently requested features has been the ability to export and manipulate data.

It turns out, as a happy accident, our new data pipeline can be manipulated in more ways than imagined.  In fact, we can transform the output to nearly any format that you may need.

Although the vast majority of SumAll relies on our clean, easy to understand visualizations, we admit there are some real data geeks among us with their own data processes.  Without further adieu, we’re happy to announce a new solution for those Tableau and Excel geniuses.  SumAll can now help fuel your own visuals and pivot tables.

Whether you’d like to sort your Instagram posts by engagement, sort your tweets by reach for a month or week, or track your follower growth, we’ve got you covered. Now you can see your data in beautiful PDFs and be able to make your own reports to impress your boss or client.

If you’re interested in learning more, send us a note at support@sumall.com.

Check out some examples of the raw data below.

pasted image 0-2

pasted image 0-3