- 08/13/2014

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How to Share Metrics and Collaborate in SumAll

If you have a SumAll account, chances are you’ve encountered the problem of not having an easy way to share an interesting piece of data with your colleague, boss, or just about anyone.

We’ve addressed this problem with Team Collaboration: an easier way to share your data. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started on sharing your key metrics.

Select the platform you wish to share.

After you’ve logged in to your SumAll account and while you’re in the list view, choose the platform you want to share by clicking the button with the “+” symbol.


Select which datasets you want to share.   

Pick and choose which datasets you want your collaborator to have access to. Enter the e-mail address (or addresses) of the people you’d like to send the invitation to.


E-mail Notification

Once you send off the invitation, your recipients will receive an e-mail notifying them.


Collaborate Away

From now on your collaborators will have your shared dataset appear in their SumAll account and be as informed up-to-speed as you are.

And remember you can always manage your collaborators by going into your account settings.


Try collaborating within SumAll now.