Spring Cleaning for Small Business Marketing

Flippin’ finally: it’s SPRING! And I don’t mean a random day in February when the mercury hits 75° and I leave the house in my Tevas. The weather is slowly but surely heating up, flowers are blooming, and your business is due for some spring cleaning.

What does spring cleaning look like for a small business? It can take on many forms. Auditing your inventory, your social media, and everything in between—giving your business a little pick-me-up to keep things in the motion is just what you need.

Start With the Big Stuff

Proper spring cleaning starts with assessing your hits and misses: what’s been working for your small business? What hasn’t?

Let’s say you’ve been using every social media channel known to man to market your business. While it’s true larger businesses occupy as many corners of the Internet as they possibly can, you, as a small business, don’t necessarily have to do that.

Consider cutting back to the three platforms your business fares best. While excessive social posting might mean your business is exposed more, limiting where you post can cut out stress and allow you to hone your marketing technique.

Audit Your Posting Style

Everyone has a unique social media presence, and that goes for your business, too. It can constantly evolve as you try new things. Let spring be the reason for you to check in on how you’re doing!

Take the time to review your use of hashtags, location tagging, and even product tagging if applicable. Are you using hashtags to their fullest potential? Are you posting content with clear captions and breathtaking product photography? These are things you should always be checking in on, but having the excuse of “spring cleaning” is also a nice kick in the butt to get you started.

I also highly recommend poring through some of your favorite social media accounts, as well as businesses which are similar to yours, to check yourself for tone and writing style. You never want to force yourself to produce content in a voice that isn’t yours, but seeing how you compare to others can keep you focused and aware of your own style.

Seek Inspiration from the Weather

Perhaps the most obvious route with spring cleaning is taking the opportunity to post spring-related content. Now I don’t exactly mean go all out on flower-related content (although, hey, if it floats your boat and works with your brand, why not?) but also seek inspiration from all the holidays and weather.

Many businesses use spring to merit doing big sales, giveaways, and fun, fresh ad campaigns. They tap into the fact that it’s no longer winter, that the days are getting longer, and that your seasonal depression is ebbing away!

You don’t necessarily have to be that on the nose with your spring content, but I highly recommend just reflecting on how you feel, now that it’s spring. I know I’m feeling energized and confident with the gradually warming weather. It can really be just as simple as that!

Spring Cleaning for the Small Business Soul

If any of this sounds really hokey, well… it’s supposed to be! The arrival of spring is more a feeling than anything. And honestly, that’s okay. Sometimes you just need a little bit of a push to keep those creative juices flowing, you know?

Spring cleaning for your marketing is a must for every small business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge haul, or even take up too much of your time, but it provides the opportunity for self-reflection and assess how your marketing efforts are doing. And when all is said and done, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to check in.