- 04/10/2014


So Long, Heartbleed Bug

As most of the internet knows, two days ago the terrifyingly named – and medical-sounding – Heartbleed Bug was discovered.

Why it’s called this I’m not sure – I’m not an internet doctor. But the gist of it is for over two years now there’s been a hole in the security that keeps user’s data protected that has affected the majority of websites.

How We Reacted

Being a company that handles millions upon millions pieces of data, security is our number one concern (you can take a look at our Privacy Policy here). When we first heard about the security flaw, we immediately patched our OpenSSL packages Tuesday morning and regenerated all of our SSL certificates, system keys, and passwords – in layman’s terms, everything has been fixed since early Tuesday.

In general, we already have several preventative measures in place to keep your data secure. We keep our systems up to date, follow good security practices, and we’re currently developing new ways to protect ourselves from any threats.

What You Can Do

For the most part, it’s good practice to change your password for all websites you have an account with, especially websites that have sensitive information such as your credit card info.

If you happen to be an internet surgeon, you can take a look at the more technical side of things by reading through the Heartbleed FAQ.