Small Businesses and Micro-Influencers: Little Guys Coming Together to Do Big Things

According to Bizness Apps, word-of-mouth recommendations are the most valuable form of marketing, and that makes sense! I can’t tell you how many times a friend told me about something they loved, and I subsequently bought it myself to love it just the same.

Something about the people you trust—the people you respect and relate to—makes these purchases not only immensely worthy to you, but also alleviate the anxiety and shopper’s remorse that can sometimes accompany making a purchase.

That’s why partnering with a micro-influencer can do wonders for a small business. Micro-influencers are different from regular influencers in that they have a smaller following, but still have mass appeal. They work better for small businesses because in their size and attitudes, they’re almost like the person version of a business!

Forming Relationships

Connecting with a micro-influencer is in no ways difficult, but you have to approach forming that business-consumer relationship with full authenticity. It’s not just about personal gain: while a micro-influencer will give you the exposure your business needs, they too are still a customer, and you want to always treat them like one first.

The best way to “meet” a micro-influencer online is to simply follow their social account first. Now, you don’t want to immediately slide into their DMs: representing your business, you want to be authentically yourself, and that means following a micro-influencer the way you’d follow anyone else.

You can catch the eye of the micro-influencer by engaging with their content. Beyond the simple “like”, leaving genuine comments that show you actually care about their posting can help put you on their radar. Everything will come together with a bit of patience, so do this in the same fashion you would with anyone else.

Being Authentically “You”

Above anything else, I really do stress acting like yourself. In a perfect world, you could just hit up a micro-influencer from the get-go, but I strongly believe in forming that relationship “naturally”, the way you would with anyone else through social media.

After some time, you can feel free to finally direct message that micro-influencer. I’d do it after they’ve started engaging with your comments or even a follow back. Since social media influencers are a relatively new thing, there’s really no set point to actually do this. Just trust your gut and do it when it feels right.

Your message to the micro-influencer should be humble, courteous, tailored to what they do, and above all, respectful of their time. I can’t stress that enough: just like no one owes you their time, it’s the same for a micro-influencer.

Let’s say I’m a micro-influencer on Instagram. Here’s a great message you can send me: “Hey Delilah! I looooved your post where you pitched to Cynthia Nixon to be her lieutenant governor. Attached I have this custom silkscreen print of the Sex and the City cast that I think you’d love!”

If you just messaged me, “Hey, can I send you a silkscreen print?” I probably won’t even respond. I’m a micro-influencer! People are DMing me all the time! I want to see that you’re messaging me with the full integrity of your small business heart, and again, the likelihood of me responding is only increased if I’m familiar with you.

Small and Micro

I really can’t say it enough: forming a relationship with a micro-influencer is just like befriending anyone else. And because you should be scouting someone who you think would be into what you’re selling, it should be fun and simple, as well as worthy of your time.

So where to start? Check to see who’s posting in your hashtags, or even who your chosen social media platform recommends for you to follow. From there, take the time to poke around to see who would complement your brand best. Bring your best small business attitude and people skills—you’ve got this.