Small Business Social Media Plateaus: What to Do When You’ve Peaked

It happens to the best of us: you’re on the up and up, your business soaring to new heights on social media, and then… radio silence. New followers are slowing down. Sales aren’t increasing. You’re asking yourself, am I doing something wrong?

I’m here to tell you, friend, it isn’t you. It’s just that sometimes, social media sucks. (And I’m not just talking about those pesky algorithms.)

You’ve hit a plateau! It happens to the best of us. Here’s how to shake a leg and get over it.

Spark New Interest in Your Business’s Inventory

If you find the bulk of your business’s social media presence slowing down due to a lack of new followers, or a dwindling amount of engagement on posts, igniting new interest in your business’s catalogue is the way to go.

Try producing some new product photography, or teasing forthcoming products before they come out. My recommended best bet? Do a giveaway.

Giveaways are great because they show an appreciation for your community, can comfortably slide right into trending hashtags, and cater to what people go gaga for most: free stuff. Giving away one of your shiniest products is a sure way to turn heads, and introduce people to your store too.

Produce New Content by Staying Relevant

Say you run a bakery. Considering baked goods are somewhat “evergreen” (scones have been relevant for more than 500 years, dating back to 1500s Scotland!) it can be hard to drum up new interest when there’s never anything “new” about pastries.

You could of course introduce some new treats, but maybe that’s not something you’re interested in doing. Finding a means to repurpose how you market your baked goods, however… Now that’s a different story.

Take Pi Day. Historically, it’s a made-up holiday to honor the monster of your high school math class-related nightmares, π, but more recently it’s been a chance for pizzerias and pie shops to celebrate their cuisine.

Now that isn’t to say if your bakery doesn’t sell pie, you’re dust, but taking the opportunity to market your goods based on holidays (made-up or not) provides an endless stream of content inspiration. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day… as the world turns and days on the calendar fly by, finding inspiration based on what day it is can make a big difference.

You can also get creative with whatever’s going on in pop culture: scandalous happenings in politics, big news with celebrities, you name it. Sometimes it’s as simple as going over to Twitter or Facebook and seeing what’s trending, and then riding with whatever pops into your head.

Engage, engage, engage!

You may be thinking, “Duh, Delilah, I’ve been doing that since you started yammering at me twice a week through this blog all those months ago,” but I’m here to reiterate that, yes, again, engagement can do wonders for your marketing.

Respond to comments on your post. A simple “thank you” or string of emojis can let a person know that not only did you see their comment, but that their comment means enough to you to respond to it.

Another great way to boost engagement: engage yourself! Network with other businesses and comment, like, and just generally interact with what they put out. Showing you’re a team player willing to engage with other businesses in your industry shows how passionate you are. Better still, it gives you more face time outside your own social profiles and hashtags.

Jump Over that Plateau

Following formulas and how-tos on how to groom your social media prowess can only get you so far, and there’s more work to be done when you need it for marketing your small business. Social media plateaus are never fun, but they’re not impossible to rise over.

Being consistent with a healthy dose of trying new things is what gets the ball rolling. And so what about a plateau? As long as your business thrives, that too will pass. Keep up the good effort and things will turn out fine.