Show Us Your Stuff! Introducing Product Posts

You’re busy, I’m busy, everyone’s busy. You’re a hardworking member of the ecommerce world; I write blog posts about it, hoping you’ll finally notice me. Our common denominator, SumAll, is always releasing new stuff to make your life easier as an online merchant, and I’m pleased to be writing that blog post announcing that we do indeed have some new tools available.

Introducing Product Posts! Okay, technically they’ve been out for a few weeks for Facebook, but now that we have them for Twitter too, it feels like they’re “out-out”, you know? These little guys are great: what they do is pick a random product listing from your Shopify store, and post its picture and link to your Twitter or Facebook page (or both!). Bada-bing! No extra work for you.

Here’s what they look like on Facebook:

This is a real Product Post in use, and our very first user to use it! We were so excited we all learned Italian and pretended we were in a Fellini film for a whole day.

Product Posts are also great if you find yourself struggling to post content to your social media pages, and these bad boys will help showcase your hard work without stressing you out. Better still, with direct links to your products, your customers don’t have to do any guesswork and are reminded of how great your stuff is, just by happening upon one of your posts while they use social media. That’s the magic of the Internet for you!

You can find out more about our Product Posts here.