Shopify Store Analytics Now Supported

SumAll is pleased to announce that your Shopify store analytics are now available. What does that mean? It means that we free up your time, by sending your store analytics directly to you. One email, all your data.

Hopefully, you already use your free email digests for your social media data (if you don’t, sign up here). Now, those same emails will include your Shopify store data as well.

What data will our analytics include? We’re glad you asked.

Your Shopify Store Analytics:

  • Account Activity
    • Total Revenue: The total revenue from all shop orders that have been paid-in-full, including taxes and shipping paid by your customers.
    • Orders: The total number of orders that have been paid-in-full.
    • Items Sold: The total number of items sold from orders that have been paid-in-full.
    • Total taxes: The total taxes from customers on orders that have been paid-in-full.

Like what you see? Then log into your SumAll account and connect your Shopify store now.

We are so happy we could bring your Shopify store analytics to you, and we are working like crazy to bring you more. What platforms would you like to see us support? Comment below!