The Search vs. Display Ads Debate: What We Should Really Be Talking About

The question of whether search or display is the better method of advertising is oft-debated – but is it actually the right question to ask?

Recent findings from SumAll add a new wrinkle to the AdWords debate and shows that we should change the way we think about online ad strategy in general.

After analysis of data from over 4,000 AdWords accounts, our research revealed that display ads cost a third less than search ads for the same number of impressions, serving ads on tablets will give you most bang for your buck, and it takes 12 times as many impressions to get a click on mobile devices vs. laptops and desktops.

To see the rest of our results, check out the infographic below.


In the end, thinking about which devices your ads are being displayed on is just as important as the type of network you choose. With tablets set to reach the same popularity as PCs this year, the number of tablet owners will only continue to skyrocket and where you choose to allocate your ad budget should coincide with this new normal.