- 05/04/2018


When Is the Right Time to Start Recycling Your Content?

Sometimes, producing content for social media can be a huge pain in the tuches. Much like how writers suffer from writer’s block, content creation can come to a standstill when the creative juices stop flowing.

For a small business, your online presence relies heavily on unique content, and that can be overwhelming when you’re also, well, running a small business.

That’s why it’s good to recycle your content. I get it: it might just feel like you’re being lazy or taking the easy way out, but fact is, if content is good and did well, it’ll do well again. But before you do that, you need to reflect on whether content is definitely evergreen, and when exactly it would be the right time to reshare it.

It’s Not Easy Being (Ever)Green

There’s certain content that can be relevant for eons and others that barely last for more than a day. To determine if content can be used again, there are three things to consider: 1) Does it reference something that is now outdated? 2) Can it easily be explained or interpreted? and 3) Can even you still “click” with it?

It’s not that evergreen content isn’t easy to understand, it’s just that it can sometimes be hard for content to always encompass that. I know I say this a lot but go with your gut! You can usually quite easily tell if something’s still relevant or not.

For example, this definitely isn’t evergreen:

And this is:

The post from Twitter is very much not evergreen; it references Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing. The post from Facebook is evergreen because it references a concept that has existed since 1970, and is still widely talked about.

It is, however, important to acknowledge that not everyone knows what the uncanny valley is, but that concept by itself is evergreen enough to easily explain.

Evergreen is What You Make It

There is some content you can repost any time you want to; other content might not have that flexibility, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t evergreen.

For example, a Valentine’s Day post from three years ago that doesn’t mention the year it was posted can definitely be used again for next Valentine’s Day. That being said, you can obviously only use it on Valentine’s Day, but it is evergreen Valentine’s Day content!

Go Green

So… when is it the right time to start recycling your content? Short answer: whenever you feel like it can make a comeback. Long answer: after assessing a multitude of changes on your platform of choice (could be a large influx of new followers, a change in content style, or even the passage of time), feel out what’s right and then just go for it.

I’ve made the choice to reshare content after I’ve returned to it accidentally, usually at a point where it’s started to fade from my memory. It isn’t bad if a follower recognizes content from days of yore, but it’s a good sign that it’s ready to go out again if even you have forgotten it. You can relax knowing that that content can start anew with the same freshness as the day it debuted, and you can keep on doing your thing.