- 04/25/2014


Why You Should Really Use SumAll to Track Bitcoin

We haven’t shamelessly advertised ourselves in awhile so without further adieu: Use SumAll. For bitcoin tracking. Do it.

I’ll get right to it. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile. Any little shift or doubtful appraisal could send squeamish investors screaming to their nearest exchange to dump half their coins. Funny how a poorly regulated currency based upon the principle that every actor in a system is completely untrustworthy doesn’t inspire confidence in a great number of people.

But maybe you’ve been captivated by the technological achievements of cryptocurrencies. Or you’re one of the faithful true verifying the legitimacy of transactions – a stalwart miner defending the stability and longevity of the crypto-economy (you’re not in it for the coin reward, after all). Your efforts shouldn’t be for naught when a sovereign nation you can’t even pinpoint on the map decides to defend its currency from speculators, bans cryptos, and sends the value of your hard earned bitcoins into the dust.

For you we have an expanding menu of platforms that you may and probably do use to watch for Bitcoins. You’re savvy so you keep your ear to the ground, checking various sources for their myriad and varied reports. But now we have all of those services bundled into one speedy visualization that allows you to keep track of everything at a glance.

Your Mining Pool and Workers

Keeping tabs on your mining efforts is extremely important to anyone devoting precious kilowatt hours to keeping the dream alive (and verifying those transactions). But lets say you just ran out of Mountain Dew and Doritos. It’s 3AM and all your local bodegas have closed up for the night. Or, lets say you have a job that you work at. You can’t hover over your childhood computer as it chokes and putters through its latest hash AND earn a living/get Doritos at the same time.


SumAll allows you to keep tabs on your pool and worker at the same time. Just select your pool and enter your apikey and you’re good as digital gold. Load up our mobile app and see whats going on from anywhere or wake up to one of our famous daily digest reports and see what happened over the last 24 hours.

Exchanges and Values

SumAll currently serves data from a host of sites and services that allow you to see what those markets are doing. Using CoinWarz you can see profitability, difficulty, and reward size for many different currencies. Just select the ones you want (and as many as you want) and hit connect. There’s no limit on your ambition so there’s no limit on what you can track. Connect BTC-E to track prices for bitcoin, litecoin, and several other cryptos trading to fiat currencies. We even have MtGox! Remember MtGox? We’ve tracked the historical prices for bitcoin on this now closed market. It’s like watching the history channel, except with more drama and actual history.


Head on over to our platforms page and connect our various crypto services to start getting your full picture. If you have a favorite crypto site that you love to use but don’t see here, chances are we have plans to support it in the near future. If you need any help getting started, feel free to drop a note to our friendly support staff. Happy mining.

Updated November 20, 2017.