Post Smarter Everywhere with This Handy Time Zones Infographic

It’s easy to forget that whenever you post on social media, the other side of the world is dead asleep, completely unaware of your tweet about a new product launch or the Instagram photo of new merchandise you just got back in stock.

Our time zone infographic is a companion piece to the best times and worst times infographic – now you’ll know what time to post so that, say, people in London will be more likely see it. Since SumAll is based in New York, all times use EST as a frame of reference.

In the left hand column you’ll see clocks for New York City at 1pm and directly to the right clocks for the associated city of your choosing. Running down the center is the GMT as well as the hour difference when switching between time zones. The right hand column can be used to convert times from the city you live in to the time in New York.

View the infographic below, and for a printable version, download here.



All times use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – the global standard time, which is interchangeable with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The times shown are effective from March to November of this year before we make the switch to standard time. We unfortunately couldn’t include every time zone (sorry, Kathmandu), but let us know which city you think we should focus on next and we’ll do our best to get to it!