We’re Resuming Performance Tweet!

Performance Tweet, our auto-publishing tool celebrating your Twitter successes, is now live on SumAll. We’re rolling out this product in waves to all of our users so if you haven’t gotten access to this yet, never fear!

With Performance Tweet, we will create automatic content that goes live on your Twitter account without you having to lift a finger. It’s another way that we’re making running your business easier by giving you more time to handle everything else.

So what exactly is Performance Tweet? It’s a great tool that shares your Twitter successes automatically and features several metrics that we help track for you.

Here’s an example from the SumAll Twitter account (follow us for some really fun SMB & marketing advice!)

Here’s some of the metrics we track for Performance Tweet:

  1. Followers (number of new followers over the past week)
  2. Mentions (number of new mentions)
  3. Mentions Reach
  4. Favorited (how many times your tweets have been favorited)
  5. Replies (how many replies you’ve gotten over the past week)
  6. Retweets (number of retweets over the past week)
  7. And more!

The actual mix of metrics that will appear in your tweets will depend on the amount and kind of new positive data you’ve gotten in your Twitter account.

Check out your own Performance Tweet! If you’d like to join our Performance Tweet rollout sooner rather than later, feel free to email us at support@sumall.com to get in on the fun action.

Updated November 22, 2017.