- 03/31/2015


The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi

Meet Mallory

Mallory Johns is the Social Media Director for DeVito/Verdi, a full-service advertising agency located in the heart of Manhattan.

With a variety of national clients ranging from Tribe Hummus to Gold Toe Socks, DeVito/Verdi is a mid-size agency competing with some of the largest advertising companies in the world. As the point-person for the social media side of the business, Mallory uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to both promote client content and manage brand communities.

The Challenge

DeVito/Verdi keeps its competitive edge by delivering great results while running a lean, efficient operation. This means creating great content for clients under tight deadlines and limited budgets, and benchmarking the performance of their campaigns quickly. In order to track their results, DeVito/Verdi needed an affordable tool that could clearly show how client campaigns were performing across social media, and identify opportunities to improve results.

The Solution

“For me, SumAll is the perfect analytics solution,” Mallory says. “I’m able to easily track the community growth of my clients’ social platforms, which I’m happy to report has increased across all our platforms.”

Mallory notes that by pairing SumAll with with traditional publishing and monitoring software, she’s able to create truly comprehensive social media strategies for DeVito/Verdi’s clients. By using SumAll’s powerful analytics tools and reporting, she’s able to do far more than simply see a snapshot of a campaign’s historical performance. She’s able to recognize trends and build cases for highly targeted, platform-specific advertising.

Better yet, SumAll makes creating and sharing these reports a snap.

“As I’m sure you can imagine, I spend a fair amount of time creating client-facing reports to showcase campaign performance,” Mallory says. “It’s super helpful to have these metrics in front of me weekly to quickly slot into a PowerPoint deck.”

As Mallory sees it, SumAll is a powerful tool for Social Media Managers and Community Managers to demonstrate and improve the ROI of their efforts.