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- 05/27/2014

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What the New Facebook Page Design Means for Your Business

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is slowly rolling out a new design for Facebook pages.

Just like most layout changes, this means that you might need to update a few things to make sure that your page is still putting its best foot forward once the new design comes to you. Here is what you need to know about the changes, and what to do about them.

1. The like, follow, and message buttons have migrated into the cover photo area.


If you have any important text or graphics that point to your like button in your cover photo, it’s time to give it a facelift. The like, follow, and message buttons are moving up into the cover photo space, similar to how it is now with Facebook personal profiles.


In this top portion of an infographic by Jon Loomer on Facebook image dimensions, you can see the current dimensions and how the buttons affect the space within your cover photo design. Be sure to modify your cover photo accordingly so that the messaging does not get disrupted.

2. The about box has migrated into the left sidebar of the page.


The area that you used to have to describe your business and link to your website beneath your cover photo has now moved further down the page, beneath the information people see about how many people have liked your page. The downside, of course, is that it’s not as easy to find, making your cover photo messaging that much more important. The upside is that now there is an official link to your website, so you can use more characters in the short description for your page to describe your business as opposed to link to it.

3. The apps/custom tabs are further down the page.

Another downside to the new design is that all of those apps/custom tabs you had directly beneath your cover photo are now even further down the page. Photos and videos are beneath those. By this point, there’s a good chance people are looking at your updates more so than your apps, which is going to decrease their value. The only way to guarantee people will get to your apps is if you link to them directly. To grab the URL, just click on your app and copy it from your browser’s address bar.

4. Notes are making a resurgence.

Further down, beneath the people who like your page, about, apps, photos, and videos is a box for Notes. Notes were essentially Facebook’s version of blog posts where you could post long-form content independent of your status updates. If, like Facebook, your last note was posted in 2011, that’s what is going to be displayed in this box in the left sidebar of your page. So you might want to consider creating some new notes to keep that section up to date.

5. At the end, you’ll find the pages your page likes.

At the end of your left sidebar boxes are the pages that your page likes. This is a good way to promote other pages that are owned or related to your business, such as pages for specific products you sell, other businesses you own, or public figures within your business. If none of those are applicable to your business, you could also like local city pages, organizations that you belong to, and similar.

As always, there are pros and cons to the new Facebook page design, but once it’s fully rolled out, you’ll have no choice but to embrace it. Be on the lookout in your admin panel for an invite to get the new page design early, or for the new design to arrive on a page near you!

Have you gotten the new Facebook page design? What are your thoughts about it? Please share in the comments!