More Twitter Data: How Far Do Your Tweets Go?

Twitter has long been a favorite platform to connect to for all SumAll users since we first integrated with them almost a year ago. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve revisited our Twitter integration and upgraded it with more features and more functions.

Take a look at how you can use these new functionalities to learn more about the effectiveness of your tweeting.

How Far Your Tweets Go

When you connect your Twitter account with SumAll, you’ll notice a couple of changes to the datasets and library. Gone are the old Tweet Activity, Engagement Activity, and Advocacy Activity datasets and its place are eight new metrics.

You’ll easily recognize most of them such as the standard metrics of Followers, Mentions, and Replies, but the two new datasets that are the most valuable to use are Mention Reach and Retweet Reach. These new metrics are basically gauges for the impact of your tweets and a measure of how far they potentially travelled.



For example, if you pull up Mention Reach on the chart, you’ll see a static number like 20,000. This is the number of people who potentially saw your Twitter handle mentioned in a tweet. So if a Twitter user with a particularly big following – in this case 20,000 followers – mentioned you, then your Twitter name was potentially seen by all of their followers.

Retweet Reach is similar to Mention Reach but instead of only your Twitter handle being seen, it’s your tweet that is getting the views. In this case, if a Twitter user with a large following particularly liked a tweet you made and retweeted it, then your retweeted tweet was potentially seen by their entire following.

By using Mention Reach and Retweet Reach, you can see who’s tweeting at you that has the biggest influence as well as which of your tweets made the most impact with your following.

Know Who the Influencers Are

Where you can get the most value out of the upgraded Twitter integration is in the filters. If you filter Mention Reach, you’ll see a list of ten Twitter handles. These are your most influential Twitter followers.

In this example for Mention Reach, you’ll see Kikolani is at the top of the list. This means that she has the largest Twitter following out of all the Twitter handles that have mentioned you. From there, the list of usernames goes in order from most followers to least.

Knowing who the most popular Twitter users that are engaging with you are is crucial – you can quickly see who’s mentioning you in tweets and keep the conversation going thus prolonging the impact of your tweeting.


Filtering Retweet Reach produces similar results; you’ll again see a list of ten Twitter handles with the top one having the most Twitter followers. But, unlike Mention Reach, your retweeted tweet is what’s getting the attention.

By seeing who’s retweeting your tweets, you’ll understand which tweets work best for which demographic and hone them until you get the desired result.

To see which of your tweets reach the most people and who your influencers are, connect Twitter to SumAll now.