- 10/15/2013

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Mention Reach: The Metric to Measure Your Twitter Popularity

With the unveiling of Twitter TV ratings, the social media behemoth flew the coop of exclusively being a social networking site and landed into measuring TV engagement based on how many people are talking about the show.

While SumAll doesn’t measure TV viewership (yet), our new Twitter Reach metric gauges not how many people are talking about Breaking Bad, but about you. Here’s how you can use the new Mention Reach to see how many people are engaging with you and who your biggest influencers are.

What’s Your Mention Reach?

After connecting your Twitter with SumAll, you’ll see the Mention Reach metric when you expand the Twitter platform in the library.

When you pull up Mention Reach on the chart, you’ll see some big peaks in your line that display some eye-catching numbers. In our case on October 4, we hit a Mention Reach high of 200,000. This means 200,000 Twitter users potentially saw our @sumall Twitter handle mentioned in a tweet by a person they follow.

In our example, that could mean an influential Twitter user with a giant following of 200,000 strong tweeted at us once or we happened to be popular that day and received mentions from a ton of Twitter users with a more normal number of followers. By using the Mention Reach filters, you can see exactly who mentioned you and how influential they are.


Know Your Influencers: Breaking Bad Edition

When opening up the filters for Mention Reach, you’ll see a top ten list for your most influential Twitter followers. The list is in descending order from the Twitter handles with the most followers at the top and on down from there.

Being despondent over the ending of our beloved Breaking Bad, we were ecstatic to see our favorite characters tweeting at us. Here are a few choice ones:




Yup, that’s them alright. At least Flynn had some nice words.

Walter White is at the top of the list (never one to shy away from his hubris), indicating he has the largest Twitter following out of all the ones that mentioned us. Jesse is third in Twitter followers – he’s obviously getting antsy waiting for his data to import. And Flynn is sixth in followers but number one in his love for breakfast.

Knowing who the most popular Twitter users that are engaging with you are is crucial – you can quickly see who’s mentioning you in tweets and keep the conversation going thus prolonging the impact of your tweeting.


To see which of your tweets reach the most people and who your influencers are, connect Twitter to SumAll now.