- 11/21/2014


Meet SumAll: Sam Moritz, Marketing Consultant

In a continuing effort to show our lighter (and brighter) side, we’re here with our latest installment of Meet SumAll. This time around we introduce you to Sam, who—aside from bringing you SumAll’s latest products—is undoubtedly our very own “class clown.”

Need some evidence? Start here, then read his interview below. Want to meet more of our awesome team? Head in this direction.

What do you do at SumAll?
I’m a Marketing Consultant, which means I’m responsible for talking to current SumAll users about trying new SumAll products that we have coming down the pipeline. My day consists of sending e-mails, talking to awesome people on the phone, and having them try out some of our great new services.

When I’m not doing work, I usually watch random baseball highlights, or listen to the same three songs on Spotify. I also have a great repository of weird jokes that no one really understands except me.

When you’re not at work or sleeping, where might we find you?
You can find me in three places: my couch in Williamsburg (straight loungin’), Yankee Stadium (the house that Jeter built), or McCarren Park (#1 favorite spot in New York City).

What are you currently learning how to do?
I’m currently learning how to run Salesforce even more effectively. It’s a bit of a goal of mine – and let me tell you, it’s kind of confusing.

What’s something the rest of the SumAll team (and world) might not know about you?
I’m a big writer. I’ve written for some blogs, enjoy writing content, and being funny through my writing.

Drink of choice?
H2O baby!

Favorite restaurant?
Pies n’ Thighs! What could be better, really? Fried chicken to the max’: get at me! On tap following consumption: extreme food coma.

What’s your favorite SumAll integration or project?
I’m going to have to go with Twitter (I know, yawn). Not just because I really like it, but because a lot of the people I talk to every day are really into our Twitter integration and come to us for our Twitter analytics.

Dream SumAll integration?
Something that I can use to track the effectiveness of my players in my fantasy sports leagues.

What’s one piece of data in your life that’s constantly on your mind?
My hygiene.

What are you doing at work when you’re pretending to work?
Baseball highlights, Snapchat (I’m big on selfies), and Instagram. I guess I’m what they call a all me a “millennial.”



What tools / apps / hacks do you use to keep yourself organized?
My Gmail Calendar! There’s too much going on throughout the week to keep track of everything. I’ll put anything in there – trips to the ballpark, softball games.

What’s your spirit animal?