- 10/17/2014


Meet SumAll: Michael Ho, Back-End Engineer

At SumAll, we realize that you might be like “who the heck are the people making this thing, robots?” You might also want to know what we do when we’re not in our SoHo office plugging away to make SumAll the best it can be.

We hear you! In an effort to show you who we really are, we’ve created “Meet SumAll” an ongoing series that will introduce you to members of our team, one-by-one. We introduced you to Mahssa about a week ago, and this week, we’d like you to meet Michael.

What do you do at SumAll?
I’m a software engineer at SumAll. I mostly do back-end work, but I try to dabble in front-end stuff. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of project managing and cat herding.

When you’re not at work or sleeping, where might we find you?
You can find me on the Brazilian jiujitsu mats. You might also find me singing with my barbershop chorus. I can alternately be found deep in thought about my next move in a board game.

What are you currently learning how to do?
I’m learning how to program in Haskell and embrace functional programming zen.

What’s something the rest of the SumAll team (and world) might not know about you?
I can never run for president. Is it because I wasn’t born in the US? Is it because there are compromising pictures and videos of me out there? I’m not telling.


Drink of choice?
Bubble tea.

Favorite food?
Sushi and ramen.

What have you been watching lately?
I’ve been watching Hong Kong TV dramas in an attempt to relearn Cantonese.

What’s your favorite SumAll integration or project?
I’m very excited about our micro-services project. It pays down technical debt and opens doors to future engineering opportunities.

Dream SumAll integration?
A task list integration.

What’s one piece of data in your life that’s constantly on your mind?
How much time did it take me to get home on the local train? Would it have been faster to wait for the express in the hopes of catching up to an earlier local?

What apps do you use to keep yourself organized?
I use Google Calendar and Remember the Milk religiously.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?