Mahssa Sumall employee interview

- 10/10/2014


Meet SumAll: Mahssa Mostajabi, Customer Experience

At SumAll, we realize that you might be like “who the heck are the people making this thing, robots?” You might also want to know what we do when we’re not in our SoHo office plugging away to make SumAll the best it can be.

We hear you! In an effort to show you who we really are, we’ve created “Meet SumAll” an ongoing series that will introduce you to members of our team, one-by-one.

What do you do at SumAll?
I manage SumAll’s customer experience. This runs the gamut from managing our support efforts to helping implement and oversee new products. I’ve also helped with hiring and cultural initiatives.

When you’re not at work or sleeping, where might we find you?
When not at work or asleep, I can generally be found watching Netflix or flying to Atlanta. I’m an admitted homebody, so destroying my Netflix queue is a favorite pastime. Since I’m from Georgia, I fly home fairly often to see my family.

What are you currently learning how to do?
This is a good question! I try to create quarterly goals for myself. Right now, I’m focusing on finance, so I’ve been trying to diversify my portfolio and learn more about investing.

What’s something the rest of the SumAll team (and world) might not know about you?
I stalked SumAll before I became an employee here. I tried to know everything about the company and even tweeted our CEO, Dane Atkinson, to Skype with him to learn more. Thankfully, he said yes!

Favorite food?
I love Thai food, Chick-fil-A, and chocolate chip cookies from Publix – a grocery store in the southern US.

What are you watching lately?
How I wish I had an intellectual answer to this! I just finished watching the season finale of Suits on USA and am now waiting for Graceland to end. I also enjoy any trashy, reality show Bravo has to offer. Lastly, MTV’s The Challenge is my guilty pleasure.

What’s your favorite SumAll integration?
I really like our Facebook Personal integration. It’s the platform I’m the most active on, by far, so it’s great to see how I’m doing.

What’s one piece of data in your life that’s constantly on your mind?
My account. I check it religiously.

What are you doing at work when you’re pretending to work?
Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. I have an addiction to my notifications and I have to know who likes my statuses.

Mahssa - SumAll

How do you keep yourself organized?
I love Google, so anything they put out, I’ll use. My calendar is basically my life and it gives me great joy to keep it organized and add fun tools on top of it. I’m currently syncing it with Calendly for work and that’s been fun to do.

Spirit animal. Go.
I think I’d like to be a miniature dog of some sort. Maybe a Dachshund or English Bulldog? I’d really just like to considered adorable for the rest of my life and be the size of a nugget.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A mix of Bethany Frankel, Sheryl Sandberg, and Oprah!