- 08/20/2013


Making a Case for Transparent Salaries

It’s been a busy week for SumAll in the television world, in particular for our media friendly CEO.

The Today Show as well as MSNBC recently interviewed Dane regarding the perpetually popular topic of salary transparency and why we allow all employees to know what their coworkers are making.

What it comes down to is transparency across the board: SumAll is reinventing business intelligence by making data transparent for everyone so our company culture should follow the same ideology.

It’s not solely about avoiding hypocrisy either – having an open salary leads to less anxiety in the workplace and creates more accountability among all employees. Dane talks to the benefits of salary transparency at length in his interviews. Give them a watch down below and check out some behind-the-scene shots.

Dane talking to the Today Show in the home of SumAll.

Dane being interviewed by MSNBC looking as only he can wearing khaki shorts and sandals.