- 10/27/2017


Make Your Blog Look Like a Million Bucks… For Free!

If you’re like me, your strongest skill is writing; if you’re really like me, that’s where your creative talent ends. And when it comes to blog writing, sometimes the logistical stuff outside the content of a post itself can be overwhelming. Take me, again! I’ll write a post and then I’m at a total loss when it comes to adding graphics, and it always takes me a few tries to get the formatting right… but hey! If you’re reading this now, I obviously figured it out, and you can too.

When it comes to blog layout and all the other visual content that surrounds your blog, it might make seem like a dauntingly impossible task to make your visuals as good as your writing itself, but never fear! There are many tricks and shortcuts to make your blog look like it was uniquely designed by a professional.

Know Your Platform

Pick your poison: WordPress or Medium, Squarespace or Weebly. Even Tumblr! Most business-oriented blogs stick with WordPress, and I agree it’s the better platform for professional blogging. Sure, I’ve been using it since I was thirteen when I thought I was cool and maintained a classic rock blog that no one read, but I’ve since moved past that. And now I’m back on WordPress again, baby!

WordPress is great because it’s been around for so long that their development team has worked out all the kinks most new sites have and opened up the floor to others for customization. WordPress’s wide catalogue of blog templates, or themes, is so extensive that you can find the perfect one to suit your blog’s needs, and with thousands to choose from, your blog will still look unique compared to others. And the best part? While some you do have to pay for, the majority are free and still look amazing.

Many other blog platforms offer templates and customization as well, but with WordPress’s longevity on the Internet, it’s no wonder most professionals choose it. Its good reputation makes a great blogging service for everyone, including us at SumAll!

Formatting? Me?

You might have the sharpest writing skills in the book, but like an English or Film degree, that alone won’t get you far. With blog writing, knowing just a little bit about HTML can help your blog posts look awesome, and your posts will always look exactly how you want them to.

Now I’m not going to dive in too deeply about HTML (that’s my own blog post for another day!) but brushing up on it can help you become a master at formatting your own posts. Most blog platforms will use HTML, although some also use CSS. HTML is particularly good for the posts where you have a specific visual of in mind, and it can help with centering pictures, making lists, adding links, and other blog magic.

If that seems overwhelming, know that most blog platforms have formatting tools much akin to using Microsoft Word. And while I do highly recommend learning HTML no matter what, those formatting tools are really great in helping you learn the basics. Think of it as your beginner’s guide to learning HTML.

Google it!

You don’t need an HTML guidebook or pay for an online class in web design, I mean, you can! You’d probably learn a lot… but the beauty of the Internet is that anything and everything is accessible, and by simply Googling an HTML question or finding tools to help you understand creating your blog, you don’t have to shell out any money to get your blog looking great.