- 03/31/2014


April Fools: Introducing Netflix for SumAll

Have you ever wanted to know how many hours you’ve spent binge watching quality TV shows like Breaking Amish, Long Island Medium, and Cake Boss?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably happier being blissfully unaware of your Netflix viewing habits – I prefer not to know how short of a time it took me to watch all eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother. But for those of you who are unapologetic about how much Netflix you watch, go ahead and connect your account with SumAll. Here’s a rundown of all the great new features we’ll be offering with the Netflix for SumAll integration.

What You’re Watching, At a Glance

We all know Your List is full of award-winning indie dramedies, critically-acclaimed foreign films, and the most talked about television series, but what are you really spending most of your time watching?

SumAll tracks the number of hours you’ve put into Netflix and displays your top eight shows based on hours watched. As you can see, November 6 – 13 was a big week for me. I finished watching Long Island Medium and was able to find time to squeeze in some Breaking Bad to keep up with all the water cooler talk.


Know How Many People Are Freeloading Off Your Account

People accessing your account for free is inevitable. Last week I gave my account details to my sister and now all of my Netflix suggestions are Disney movies. She’s 28.

But with SumAll’s Netflix integration, we’ll let you know how many people are freeloading on your account at once. Pinpoint who’s getting a free ride and change your password so you know who you can trust. Really, how many times can you watch Lilo & Stitch, Adrienne?

Track How Many Seasons You’ve Watched and Share With Your Friends

SumAll tracks the number of seasons you’ve crushed and lets you broadcast it out to your friends.

You watched all of The Office in one weekend? Share the good news with your friends and compare notes to find out what you should watch next. Hey, the weekend is right around the corner and the forecast says rain. Or sun. It really doesn’t matter either way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have five hours to kill and a season of House of Cards to finish.