- 06/27/2017


Instagram Stories: Story Search for Hashtags and Location!

We’re always on the lookout for fun ways to help you grow your business or ecommerce site using social media or other methods (after all, we’re SumAll). Today, we’d like to focus on a very specific tool – Instagram Stories. It was launched last year as a Snapchat competitor, allowing users to create short videos or images right on the top nav of the feed – a great way to get seen by your followers, already.

We’re excited about the recent launch of Story Search and we’d like to show you a few ways to use it to get your brand seen even more!

What is Story Search? It’s the ability to look through hashtags to find similar content based on location or “story,” otherwise known as themes.

Location Hashtag: Use this kind of hashtag to be seen in a certain location, like our offices in New York City. You can choose almost any popular location, just start typing into Instagram to get suggestions. This works wonders if you’re attending or have a booth a conference, hosting a meetup or are located in a particularly popular neighborhood or town.

Story Hashtag: If you’re looking to have your small business that sells sneakers, indexed for shoe collectors, try #SneakerHead. As soon as you begin to type in a hashtag, Instagram will give you complete suggestions based on popularity and closeness to the current letters that you’ve input.

For both of these hashtag types, simply tap on it to change it from a rainbow text to white text with a clear background. And yes, that’s a picture of Spectacles below (what can I say, we love social media at SumAll!)

Try Your Own Instagram Story! Take a picture, video or boomerang and try using the tags and tell us below if you’ve gotten more views on your content!