Increasing Instagram Engagement: A Case Study with New York Live Arts

Meet Katie

Katie Jennings is the marketing manager for the internationally recognized performance art theater, New York Live Arts.

Based in the heart of Chelsea, New York Live Arts brings together artists and audiences from around the world. Katie is in charge of coordinating all their marketing efforts, including special campaigns that highlight individual shows and performers.

The Challenge

As the marketing manager for a non-profit, Katie looks for tools that will not only save her time, but help her identify which channels are most effective. With each campaign, she analyzes performance across the different channels — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — and looks for trends that might reveal how to increase engagement and reach.

The Solution

In January, New York Live Arts ran a special photo campaign for an upcoming show. That month, Katie also received her first few Social Media Reports from SumAll. The reports showed an 18% increase in Instagram followers and an unprecedented jump in engagement.


It was clear from the report that the photo campaign was a success, and Katie has continued to focus on Instagram as a valuable channel for upcoming campaigns.

The report also made clear that on “dark weekends,” when there were no shows to promote, New York Live Arts’ social engagement decreased significantly. Katie has begun scheduling more content for those lulls in performance dates and has already seen gains in day-to-day engagement.


Each SumAll Report is delivered as a ready-to-present PDF. Katie says the reports are “great for sharing.” Her management team loves how easy the reports are to read and interpret, and are excited to use the tool as a benchmark for future marketing efforts. The breakdown of individual posts’ performance makes this especially easy.

With these new insights from SumAll Reports, the staff at New York Live Arts has big hopes for their upcoming Live Ideas Festival– a major initiative curated by performance artist Laurie Anderson.

SumAll Reports are currently available for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics.

Updated November 22, 2017.