How to Generate Results Using Promoted and Cinematic Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest recently launched Cinematic Pins as another version of their already successful Promoted Pin advertising offerings. Sponsoring pins could be a viable advertising avenue to help your business attract new customers and drive more engagement from your current audience.

Although considered a more niche social network when compared to the giants such as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest’s popularity is continually on the rise and has amassed nearly 50 million users, further proving that it is a relevant platform for many different types of marketing campaigns.

What Pinterest lacks in pure volume, it makes up for with a unique audience. Users actively seek and share their favorite products, brands and project plans, which may ultimately indicate their future purchasing decisions or customer behaviors.

Learn how to generate results and drive engagement for your brand using these two forms of advertising on Pinterest and why your business should pay attention to this on-the-rise social platform.

Benefits and Getting Started with Promoted Pins

In late 2013, Pinterest began offering Promoted Pins in an effort to help both retailers and brands reach potential consumers using their site, but in order for companies to began using Pinterest’s advertising services, they must first be selected and approved. While these “trial runs” are not uncommon to new publishing networks, the exclusivity is essential to help Pinterest maintain a high brand integrity and can better protect their user base from unwanted spam marketers.

While this can be a nuisance at first, Pinterest’s attention to detail is often difficult to find within other more established advertising networks that have an open sponsored ad policy. By focusing on both their marketer and user experience, Pinterest has been able to have better control over their Promoted Pins and can encourage marketers to create more high quality content that their users are likely to be interested in viewing on their network.

Unfortunately, this also means that if you intend on using Pinterest as an advertising platform, you’ll first need to create a business profile and apply for the waiting list. Although there is no current official average wait time, some marketers have reported that it took them just under a month to get approved.

Like other social advertising networks, Pinterest has their own advertising guidelines, rules, and principles that you should be adhering to when looking to generate results from your campaigns. For example, your Promoted or Cinematic Pins cannot contain pricing information, service claims, a call-to-action, testimonials, or other “promotions.” You should understand these rules prior to launching your first campaigns.

How to Build Your First Promoted Pin Campaign

Design Your Promoted Pin Content with Your Audience in Mind: Although Pinterest has a unique user base and format requirements, designing advertisements is similar to other content marketing strategies in the sense that you should be considering the wants and needs of your audience as they relate to your business products or service offerings and deliver high quality content to attract attention.

It’s worth noting that Pinterest skews largely towards a female demographic where 42% of online women are users on the site. This social network is uniquely known for content relating to DIY projects, how-to demonstrations, cooking recipes, arts and crafts, etc. Think about the content that performs well with your audience and design with these network specific traits top-of-mind to increase your likelihood of promoting content that resonates with your customers and generates results.

pinterest promoted pin tutorial

Pinterest offers helpful video tutorials on their YouTube channel and recommends that you design content with a tall aspect ratio, an engaging visual, a small text overlay, and descriptive copy, as these pins tend to perform best.

If you have already been actively creating content on Pinterest, you can choose to promote your highest performing pins by selecting the “30 days most clicked” or “30 days most repinned” options. This can help you better ensure that you’ll be spending advertising dollars on content with a proven track-record of success. You can also seek further insights into your content by reviewing the analytics feature that’s located within your business account settings.

Targeting Your Audience and Selecting A Bid Price: After creating your sponsored content or selecting an existing pin, you will be prompted to identify the targeting terms for your advertisement. Consider the age, sex, location, and interests of both your customers and the Pinterest audience.

The placement targeting of your advertisement should be data-driven, as this can be one of the most important factors in determining the overall effectiveness of your Promoted or Cinematic Pins. Inform your selections by referencing any relevant customer behavioral data, audience personas, or demographic research that you have collected through market research, surveys, customer interviews, and other sources. If you do not have access to this information, first, follow your initial intuition and test a wide variety of content, compare the results, and fine-tune what’s most effective over time after analyzing your data.

promoted pinterest
Pinterest’s placement targeting dashboard for Promoted Pins.

Next, you’ll select the cost-per-click bid amount. While Pinterest requires a minimum of five cents per click, if you are looking to build traction with your Promoted Pins quickly, you may want to up your bid to the one to two dollar range. Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising is designed around a competitive bidding structure, where the more you spend, the more likely your advertisement is to be delivered, thus, your bid cost is an important factor to consider.

CPC campaign dashboard within Pinterest Business profiles.

After selecting your bid amount, you’ll be prompted to identify your campaign name and daily budget. When deciding on the financial aspects, it may be tempting to dedicate a large portion of your budget to a single campaign, particularly if it’s performing well, but you should instead create multiple campaigns with smaller budgets and test their effectiveness prior to increasing your funds. This can help you better dedicate funds to the campaigns that are generating the best results for your business.

Once the aforementioned steps have been completed, your Promoted Pins are ready to be submitted to the Pinterest quality control team for approval. The approval process may take up to seven days and Pinterest recommends scheduling your promotions with at least one week notice.

Over the first days or weeks after your campaign has been published, begin analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns through Pinterest Analytics and make adjustments to your content design, copy, or targeting parameters as necessary. Start by making small changes and relaunching your Promoted Pins to have a better idea of which elements play the biggest factor in the performance of your advertisements.

The Future of Pinterest with Cinematic Pins

On May 19, Pinterest unveiled their latest promoted feature called Cinematic Pins. These new short advertisements act similarly to an autoplaying video or GIF but are controlled by the user when scrolling through their Pinterest news feed.

Some brands, such as Wendy’s and Visa, are already adopting and experimenting with Pinterest’s latest marketing opportunity. Wendy’s launched four Cinematic Pins which promotes their new Strawberry Fields salad targeted at Pinterest’s largest demographic: women.

It’s worth noting that both Wendy’s and Visa’s pins contain many of the elements that Pinterest recommends when designing effective advertising content on their platform: a strong visual appeal, a tall aspect ratio, a small text overlay, and descriptive copy.

Visa is currently promoting a Cinematic Pin to followers of travel boards that highlights the joy of grabbing a window seat.

While it’s yet to be determined just how effective these new Cinematic Pins will perform when compared to other sponsored content, when designed properly, these pins can grab audience attention draw eyeballs and actions towards your brand.

What sponsored advertisements have you found to be most effective on Pinterest? Do you plan on experimenting with Cinematic Pins for your brand? What elements behind the new Cinematic Pins do you enjoy or dislike? Put your answers and any feedback in the comments section below.