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How to Easily Collaborate Across Teams Using Data

Now businesses with multiple employees or clients that need access to the same data can collaborate in SumAll quickly and easily.

By sharing streams you can collaborate across teams while making sure you’re all on the same page with the same data. Your meetings will be more productive, your time will be better spent, more high-fives will be shared.

Recently you may have noticed the little “collaborators” button throughout your SumAll account. You can share specific—or all—datasets from your SumAll account with anyone you’d like. This is especially great for anyone looking to share pieces of info with their boss, client, friend, or colleague.

One of the early adopters of SumAll’s collaboration tool was Love + Money, a Melbourne, Australia-based agency that creates brands designed to live in the digital age that can grow with their audience. To do this, they rely on data insights and ideas and believe that if brands can be based on meaningful insights and great ideas, they can evolve with their audience, shape and redefine their markets, and contribute to modern life, without losing what makes them unique.

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Their team specializes in everything from strategy to photography, design to illustration, copywriting to PR, movie making and animation to ongoing social media and SEO. All of this means that they’ve got an incredible pool of knowledge, experience and perspective to pull from. If you have a great cause, a great idea, or a great product, and need a helping hand, drop them a line.

We asked Thomas Webster, the digital communication and business development expert at Love + Money to help us educate SumAll users about the new collaboration feature.

How To

“The ability to aggregate and share multiple top-level data sets into a single dashboard is the central reason we have adopted SumAll. The collaboration feature was not something that we were initially aware of when we started using SumAll but we discovered the feature pretty quickly within the dashboard and have been using it a lot since we did.”


How to:

1. Log into your SumAll account and click the button anywhere you see “Collaborators” or the green “+” button.

2. Choose which streams you want to share and the e-mail address(es) of the SumAll user(s) you want to share them with.

3. Click “invite” and they’ll receive an e-mail letting them know about the streams that they now have access to.

“The easy sharing of this data means that we can easily control access to source platform data without having to grant individual channels access (Google Analytics, e-commerce data, social channel data, etc.) to multiple people within our team which removes considerable workflow headaches and reduces the risk of anyone breaking things by accident.”


Side note: If you are the owner of a data stream in SumAll and share it with a collaborator, then that collaborator will not be able to share that stream with another user, so no need to worry, your data stays safe.

Why Share?

“We share SumAll streams with both internal agency staff and with clients. As an agency we are very focussed on data-informed decision making and incremental testing processes. Having said this, the challenge is often finding the right balance between data volume/depth and data actionability, and as we have been trialling SumAll we have found that the data visualization features and ease of use makes the process of getting people to use the data we have on a day-to-day basis much easier, both agency staff (who are not data analysis experts) and clients. Our goal with this tool is really demystifying performance data as much as possible and training the people we work with (both internal and external) to really jump in and familiarize themselves with the data we have as much as possible.”

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“The ease of use and highly visual representations makes it very effective in getting people who are not data analysts to jump in and look at what is working and what is not. In this way it is a great democratizer of data insights and this means that more people within our organization are building data insights into their thinking on a day-to-day level. It also means that clients become more comfortable with performance data as a measure of success in channel activities (social media, e-mail campaigns, etc.) and are participating more actively in both the work we do for them and even initiatives that they are implementing themselves. For us, this makes it much easier to educate them and substantiate what we are doing with and for clients, which is often half the battle in getting them to think more like we do with regards to more nimble/responsive marketing strategies.”

Special thanks to Thomas and Love + Money for taking the time to talk and for being the best SumAll user in the world. Want to collaborate with your own team? Sign up for a free SumAll account and get started today.

Updated November 22, 2017.