How Children’s Hunger Fund Doubled Their Social Engagement with SumAll Insights

We had the opportunity to speak with Fred Martin, the Director of Marketing of Children’s Hunger Fund, to discuss their non-profit, social strategy, and how they have been using SumAll Insights to analyze the social conversation and reach more followers.

For some background, SumAll Insights is a tool that is designed to provide actionable data to help businesses understand how to take their Twitter game to the next level.

Insights can be used to find out which days and times are best to post, what content or hashtags are working and who a brand should be engaging with. The goal of Insights is to help illustrate how making slight changes in your content strategy impacts the shift and engagement of your audience.

The Children’s Hunger Fund, established in 1991, operates in over 17 countries and strives to help provide underprivileged children with food and a supportive community. They distribute Food Paks, which are 20 pound boxes containing 48 meals, and other aid through local churches.

Accountability and Transparency: Charity Navigator has assigned them an impressive 4/4 star rating, scoring high on both financial accountability and transparency. The Children’s Hunger Fund has been active in helping in the recent Nepal disaster – you can donate here.

We spoke with Fred Martin from CHF about what happened within the organization during the Nepal tragedy as well as how they use social media networks to get donations and create new relationships, while spreading the word about poverty.

“We leverage social to contact our network of committed people to lead to action,” emphasized Fred during our conversation.

CHF on Social: Children’s Health Fund has over 16,000 likes on Facebook, 4,000+ followers on Twitter, and 1,100+ followers on Instagram.

They are ramping up their social media efforts.

According to Martin, “Data can be very overwhelming and that’s why we started using SumAll. We’ve been working with you guys since the beginning of April.”

CHF is using social media analytics to view the bigger picture of how they’re building relationships with followers, and seeing if their campaigns are successful.

“We continue to build relationships on our social channels until something like the Nepal earthquake happens when we put out an ask to our followers saying ‘hey, you’re our friends and we need your help.’”

With SumAll Insights, they were finally able to see reach for Twitter and Facebook – finding out how many people they touched (without necessarily spending ad money).

Fred emphasized the importance of analyzing social at a reasonable cost and using social as a benchmark for growth saying, “As a charity committed to keeping our overhead costs low, it’s very important to us to spend very little on advertising. Social media allows us an opportunity to reach a lot of people at relatively low cost. So to see a report showing overall social media reach at nearly a quarter million people is pretty reassuring. We see how quickly that can grow and can then reassure stakeholders of the importance of our social media efforts.”

This is a screenshot of one of CHF’s actual Reports for their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


Engagement: The Report also helped Martin determine if their followers were engaged during the recent Nepal earthquake.

“We found that our Facebook audience is most engaged with our message and their readiness to share is evident. We doubled our engagement during the disaster, which I attribute to the urgency of the situation and to small Facebook boost investments.”


Reach: In addition, “Our reach nearly tripled during this period reinforcing our Facebook strategies in disaster periods,” according to Fred Martin.


More about Children’s Hunger Fund: Children’s Hunger Fund has distributed more than 1 billion dollars in food and other resources, serving the needs of more than 20 million children throughout the U.S. and in seventy-two countries worldwide. Since 1991, 99% of Children’s Hunger Fund’s total revenue has been used for programs helping kids in crisis. More information can be found at