Got Product Photography? Repurpose It!

By hook or by crook, you’ve come into possession of some amazing photography of your product catalogue. I’m talking well-lit, stunningly crisp photos that put even your LinkedIn photo to shame. But besides the obvious (you know, putting those photos onto your website and making whatever those pictures are of purchasable), there are so many other ways to use those photos to put your business on the map and increase sales. So how exactly can you repurpose your product photographs?

A studio set up for product photography.


On Your Website

Okay, well, you probably already put product photos up in your website’s catalogue, but their little respective corners of your site don’t need to be the only place they pop up. After all, there’s so much more to a website than just clicking on a product and then having the option to purchase it. Depending on how exactly you photograph your merchandise, your product photos can virtually appear anywhere on your website, so long as it’s appropriate and it works.

At a loss for what to put as your site’s background? Why not an enlarged, high-quality pic of one of your best products? Or the featured picture to a specific collection of related products? What about a page dedicated to your best selling products? Again, this all really depends on what you’re selling and how it’s photographed, but product photos can easily appear on an “About” page or “Customer Support” page. Read the room, of course: if a photo doesn’t truly fit on a given page, don’t force the issue.

On Social Media

This one’s easy-peasy; why wouldn’t you be posting pictures of your catalogue to social media? It’s made even simpler when you don’t have to worry about writing a brand new description. Just copy and paste, and of course, provide a link to where a viewer can actually make that purchase. And if you can afford to spring for it, use your product photo for an ad following the same formula, the only difference being more people are likely to see it.

Similarly, you can also use the copy and paste method by making a collection on Facebook. Sometimes consumers are more likely to browse products on social media rather than the site itself, so this is a great way to pique their interest through curation. Once more, don’t forget a link so a customer can make a purchase!

If you’re extra-creative, a fun thing you can do is “bedazzle” a picture with stickers on your Snapchat or Instagram story. It’s another opportunity to repurpose content easily, while also keeping it fresh and relevant.

Within Other Content

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably very busy. But should you ever have the opportunity to produce additional content, you guessed right that your product photography can also make an appearance there too.

Writing a blog about your store and your experiences? “Name drop” a product—and then post a picture of it! You can do the same thing with a video, too. Content like this doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the product or even your store, but if you can find a way to make it relevant, it’s simply another opportunity to repurpose.

If you’re an expert at what you do, and love to help others, incorporating your product photography into things like infographics and informative slideshows is a double win when you can also show off your skills. It also doesn’t hurt if that product you’re inserting a photo of is still for sell!

Shameless Self-Promotion, Kind Of!

I’m a big supporter of self-love and self-appreciation, so I’m all for any opportunity to show off my work and my success. Of course, knowing exactly where and when a moment is right to share some of my work is good too. You don’t want to annoy people by posting in the wrong place online, like a Facebook group, and you certainly don’t want to exhaust a product by oversharing its photo.

Once you have product photography, you’ll want to carefully consider what other scenarios your photos can work in. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t oversaturate all your content with just product photography. Simply put, photos of your product are just another option in the content creation game, and they should be an addition to—not the sole concentration of—everything you put online. Let your photos inspire you and help you grow, not just as an entrepreneur, but as a content creator yourself.