- 03/10/2014

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How to Get More Exposure for Your Content

Are you creating lots of content for your business, but not getting the kind of traffic you expected?

Even if you create high-quality content, you still may not be able to organically reach your intended audience, especially if you are a newer publisher or have a small audience. Fortunately, there are different ways you can pay to generate some buzz around your content. In this post, we’re going to look at a few ways you can get more paid exposure for your content.

Social Advertising

The easiest way to get paid exposure for your content is through social advertising. Each of the top social networks allows you to promote updates you post to your company profiles, including Facebook’s Promoted Posts, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, and LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates.


These advertising options will allow you to get your content in front of specific audiences.

  • Facebook will allow you to target your promoted posts towards people within very specific demographics by location, age, gender, relationship status, family status, interests, and workplaces.

  • Twitter will allow you to target your promoted tweets by location, gender, and interests.

  • LinkedIn (best for B2B0 will allow you to target your sponsored updates by location, company name, company size, industry, job type, seniority, school, and other demographics.

The key to getting the most out of your social media promotions is to target your audiences as specifically as possible. You’re goal is to ultimately get your ideal customers to read your content and to convert into subscribers, leads, and sales. While you could use very general targeting options on all of the above networks in order to reach the largest audiences, your goal should be to reach a smaller audiences that is more likely to convert into business.

Paid Content Distribution

Another way to get more traffic to your content is through paid content distribution. Chances are, you’ve seen the recommended content at the end of posts on popular sites such as CNN, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch (shown below).


There are several networks that allow you to pay to have your content distributed on sites that receive massive traffic. Here are just a few.

  • Outbrain – Outbrain is the only content discovery platform dedicated exclusively to the distribution of high-quality content. With Outbrain Amplify, links to your content appear as recommendations on the web’s largest content publishers including sites like Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and People.com.
  • Taboola – Reach over 300 million people a month and discover massive new audiences that are targeted, engaged, and interested to consume the content on your own site.

Surprisingly, most of these networks do work with advertisers with smaller budgets. Outbrain, for example, lets you set your maximum daily budget at $10 per day. Aside from pricing, take some time to look at major online publishers in your industry to see if they use a specific content distribution network so you can get your content in front of the audience you really want.

Hire Expert Content Creators

Another way to pay for content exposure is to hire experts in your industry to create content for your blog. When you find people who have a large audience full of your target customers, it’s a win-win situation. They will help you build your content library and help you promote it to their existing audience.

To take advantage of this strategy, start by looking for freelance writers in your industry with large audiences. You can try searching popular publications in your industry using the following queries on Google.

site:domain.com “is a freelance writer”

site:domain.com “am a freelance writer”

You can also use like Followerwonk to search for the following in Twitter bios.

“freelance writer” industry keyword

This will allow you to find freelance writers in your industry and sort them based on their audience size.

When you reach out to a potential expert writer, be sure to emphasize that you are not only looking for content, but also someone who will promote the content with their social media audience. This will ensure you get the most results for your investment.

Do you use paid methods to get more exposure for your content? What have you tried so far? Please share the results in the comments!

Updated November 20, 2017.