- 08/01/2011


Filters! Start Digging into Your Data

A week after launch, we have already added a great new feature: Filters.

In a nutshell, filters will let you break down primary data sources into component parts. Our first filter (with many more to come!), lets you pull out new customers vs. old customers from a data source like revenue, sales volume and discounts.

We felt this was a critical data point to pay attention to for e-commerce business owners, as seeing trends in those customer groups is very valuable when making marketing decisions, choosing who to you should send special offers to, or launching email campaigns.

To use filters simply login to your SumAll account, and then click the line you would like to explore. Then click the filter icon located to the right of the displayed number. You then select what new lines you would like to view.

Once you’ve chosen your filters, you will see two new colorful lines appear showing each component part and the total. Here’s where you can look for the trends!

Stay tuned for more updates to come! And in the meantime, please let us know what you think of SumAll. Your feedback is crucial to helping us make our product the best that it can be.