- 06/30/2017


Facebook News Wrap Up

It’s been a great week for Facebook! In addition to announcing over 2 billion monthly users, they also made some big announcements that have caused raised eyebrows and excited hand-waving in the digital marketing community.

So what exactly are they planning?

Facebook Creator App

Facebook has designed the creator app (released later this year) to make video content easier to create. Facebook has been heavily promoting creating video content, and this looks like the next step in that direction. The app will let you design video intros and outros, interact with your community, have custom frames and more. The only downside is that the app will be initially only for verified accounts that Facebook deems “worthy” enough to have it – so think celebrities, influencers, and journalists.

Household Targeting for Ads

Incredibly precise targeting is also coming soon. Advertisers will now be able to reach the person they are actively targeting (the decision maker) as well as the rest of the household (the influencers). Because, yes, Facebook knows who lives with who. Think of the possibilities!

Video on Messenger Makeover

Video chat on messenger is already in use, but with this new makeover, Facebook is trying to drive friendly interaction above and beyond. While chatting with friends or customers on video, you can now add filters, live emojis (they move!), masks (similar to SnapChat), and the ability to take a snapshot and share it with your friends. But what does that have to do with marketing you might ask? You can use this feature to add a bit of humanity and fun to your brand, while creating an interaction that doesn’t require you to be in person.

Discover on Messenger

Version 1.1 of Discover is being released meaning people in the US can now find bots and businesses in messenger. Discover lets you browse bots and businesses by recently used, featured, and categories. So if you are developing or have developed a bot, be sure to properly categorize it so it will show up in search.


That’s right, Facebook has attempted to improve their metrics. They are updating ad interaction metrics as well as offering new reporting for page interactions. If Facebook analytics still seems intimidating, luckily you have us at SumAll! SumAll lets you track your reach, engagement, and more – for free. If you don’t believe me, check us out here..