Facebook: The Deepening

Jacob “The SumBudsman” here again to let you in on a (not so) little secret addition to SumAll’s arsenal: a deeper Facebook integration. A couple weeks ago, I posted about SumAll’s new look and feel, and this week, I’m going to take you through these additional Facebook insights.

These new features are still in test-mode, but we want you to benefit and use them as much as possible! So if you want access now, please e-mail Support@SumAll.com with the subject line “Lemme Dive Into Facebook” and we’ll be more than happy to grant you a key to Facebooktown, population: you.

With these new features you’ll be able to see your best- and worst-performing posts from the past year, where your advocacy and engagement activity is coming from, and a little snapshot of your demographics. Think of it as going from the baby pool to jumping into an ocean of knowledge. There’s a lot you can glean from these insights, like what types of posts to create in the future, who you are (or aren’t) reaching, and some signals to look for if you need to amp up your strategy a bit.

And with that, let’s cannonball into the deep end …

Ready, Set, Get Ready to Be a Better Facebooker-er

Once you’ve been granted access to the new Facebook, you’ll have to add a second Facebook as an additional platform. After you’ve logged in, click on “Test drive another perspective.” If you’ve already transitioned to using the new SumAll, you’re in the right place. From there, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and enter into your platform settings. In the fourth row you’ll see two options for Facebook. Assuming you’ve already added Facebook as one of your platforms, to get to the new features you’ll need to click the one on the right that says “Know what works on Facebook from your top performing posts to total fan behavior” when you hover over it. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be ready to go.


Don’t Be a Lead Balloon

Okay, so now you’re all loaded up and at the moment, you should see two Facebook platforms in your SumAll account (when it gets officially released, you’ll only see one Facebook platform option). The first one that appears should be the “old” one you’re used to. A major key feature here is the ability to dive deeper into your posts. Click the ellipses (…) to “See details,” and from there you’ll be able to see how your most recent post is doing, your top posts from a year ago, and the stuff that’s going over like a lead balloon. If you see that your post about the carrots you ate for lunch didn’t do so well, but the photo of the organic carrots you grew in your garden nearly broke the Internet with the amount of likes it received, then you’ll be able to draw some connections there, mainly that people love carrots from the garden, but hate your lunch.

Back Back Back Back Back … Not Gone

One of the coolest new features in SumAll is the ability to automate a Throwback Thursday post each week. We’re not just grabbing any ol’ post from a while back, we’re re-posting something that did really well for you in terms of likes and shares. On Wednesday you’ll get an e-mail letting you know the post that will go out the following day. If you want to tweak it a little, you can log into your Facebook and make those changes in your “activity log.”


Want to turn this feature on? Go to your SumAll Platform Settings and click on Facebook, then the “Publisher” tab. From there you can check the box to toggle SumAll’s Throwback Thursday post.

We’re still testing out our oxygen tanks on these new Facebook features, so if you notice anything, we’d love to hear from you. Tweet @SumAllSupport or hit us with an e-mail: Support@SumAll.com.

Updated November 20, 2017.