- 10/07/2013

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How to Put Together Content That Converts

If you want to increase the value of your content marketing substantially, you have to learn how to create content that converts. Not just awesome content people want to read, but content that makes people want to take action – action that will benefit your business beyond just social shares and comments.

You want people to read your content and then subscribe to your mailing list, submit a lead form, sign up for a free trial, or purchase your products and services. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can create great content that converts.

Identify Your Target Audience


First off, you need to identify your target audience – the people that are most likely to become customers. Here are some questions you can use to come up with a basic buyer persona.

  • Are your customers solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, mid-level managers, or key decision makers at large corporations?

  • Where are your customers located?

  • Are your customers male or female? Young or old? College graduates?

  • What are your customer’s interests?

  • Where do your customers typically hang out online (specific social networks, forums, communities, etc.)?

  • How technical are your customers?

As you answer these questions, you’ll probably think of a few more to add to the list. Welcome to your customer’s buyer persona – these are the people you want to focus your converting content towards.

Figure Out Their Pain Points


Next, you’ll want to figure out your customer’s pain points – things that will lead them to seek your help. Do your customers have trouble with managing projects within their organization? Do they now know how to increase their ROI through social media? Do they not know how to assemble a stylish wardrobe?

No matter what industry you are in, you have customers that have pain points. If you don’t know how to determine what these pain points are, talk to your salespeople or support team. There’s a good chance that they have been asked a LOT of questions about how to solve specific problems they are having.

Create Solutions with Content


Once you have a list of pain points, you will have a list of topics to write about. If your business offers a project management tool aimed at small business owners who want to get everyone on the same page, you might want to write about time management, productivity, organization, and similar topics. If your business offers social media consulting, you might want to write about the latest updates to social networks, how to get your message to reach more people, and similar topics. If your business sells clothing, you might want to write about the best looks for the season, what types of shoes to wear with particular outfits, the best accessories, and similar topics.

Use Strong Calls to Action


Once you have identified your target audience, figured out their pain points, and created content that gives them solutions to their pain points, you need to add the element that makes your content convert: the call to action. At this stage, your target audience should be thankful that you are providing them with such great, useful information.

Here, you have two options. You can aim to convert your audience into customers directly from your content, or get them to opt-in to your mailing list where you will convert them into customers through autoresponders, newsletters, and broadcasts. Your goal is to ultimately make sure that you are priming your readers into customers, one to two steps at a time.

After you’ve taken these steps to get your content marketing efforts working on all cylinders, read up on the seven metrics to look at to know if your hard work is paying off.

What steps do you take to create content that converts? Please share in the comments!