Big Data and the Rapidly Changing Mobile Ecosystem

CIBC, a Canadian bank, is projecting how big data is about to make a big impact on the mobile scene. In short, they’re predicting that information-generation growth will increase 50 times over the next decade. Separately, market research firm IDC has forecasted a 44-fold increase in data volumes between 2009 and 2020 – estimated to largely be spurred on by mobile.

SumAll’s relationship with big data is no secret. We’re constantly harnessing the power of data and turning it into something that is easy to interpret and, most importantly, something that will guide users to become a better marketer, entrepreneur, webstore manager – any aspect of your livelihood. Currently, mobile is one area we’re focusing on to make your data even more accessible. Do you think mobile is the future of big data? Respond in the comments below.

Updated November 17, 2017.