- 07/28/2017

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Automated Twitter Ads: Are We Entering Into an Automated World?

As we now live in a world full of ways to make our lives easier, it makes sense that automation would come in to play a part. For us at SumAll, we have Performance Tweets – a nifty way to send an automated tweet with your weekly successes! And for Twitter, I just got invited to a very small beta of Twitter users to run automated ads.

Here’s some interesting things I’ve learned about this new program by Twitter to “Amplify Your Tweets!”

So what are Twitter ads? Like on Facebook, this is normally the ability to create and target ads to a variety of audiences.

However, in the closed beta for automated Twitter ads, you can only choose 1 parameter – either location or interest. I chose “business” under interest and it costs $99 per month after the first free 30 days. Here’s a bit more from the original email I received from Twitter:

I’m very curious what the report card is and how much this will drive up engagement and numbers. For the record, I am personally at 5932 followers right now! Will update after the first month is over.

I also got asked if I could transfer the beta to another account BUT:

One of the interesting details of this beta is that you lose your old Twitter ad account (which is a bit of a nightmare if you’ve been running ads for a while) and are required to sign up for a new account in addition to being in the auto-beta. I haven’t run many campaigns with my personal account so it’s less of a big deal. In addition, you cannot chose which tweets will be promoted over which ones will not.

However, you’ll also get a biweekly report telling you how you’re doing, which I’ll see if I can post a copy of once I have it ready.

Is anyone else in the beta? Post in the comments below!

Try Your Own Automated Tweet! If you’re not in the Twitter Ad Beta but still want to see what an automation on Twitter looks like – sign up for our Performance Tweet today!




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