- 03/19/2014

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How to Score Targeted Followers on Google+ for Your Business

Everyone talks about how to grow your Facebook page fans and your Twitter followers (even us). But what about Google+?

There’s actually three different properties you can use on Google+ to attain followers for your business – Google+ profiles, Google+ pages, and Google+ communities. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can get targeted followers on Google+ for your business using all three.

Attracting Targeted Followers for Your Google+ Profile

You might wonder why I’m suggesting that you get followers for your business on your personal Google+ profile. The answer is simple: While it is personal, it’s not at the same time. If you’re a content creator – i.e., you blog for your business and contribute content to other blogs for your business – then you are likely (hopefully) linking it to your Google+ profile to claim Google Authorship for it. This means that your name and personal Google+ profile will be shown in search results next to your business-related content, kind of like these guys.

This is a great way to attract targeted followers for business to your Google+ profile. Nothing says that you are an authority in your industry like producing great content. And if you offer products or services related to that content, your Google+ profile should let your new followers know about it. Specifically, make sure that your:

  • Cover photo has something in it that represents your business.

  • Current employment details are updated with your title and business name.

  • Introduction tells people about you and your business (including a link to your website).

  • Links go to your main social profiles, website, and the sites you write for.

In addition to taking advantage of building your authorship with great content, you can also attract target followers to your Google+ profile by being an active participant on Google+ everywhere your customers would hang out. For example, if your business sells wedding dresses, then your customers are hanging out on pages like The Knot and groups like Wedding ideas. As you engage with others, you will naturally gain new followers – and potential customers!

Attracting Targeted Followers for Your Google+ Page

One of the great things about Google+ pages compared to Facebook pages is the fact that you can use Google+ as your page to engage on other Google+ pages, Google+ profiles that share public updates, and in Google+ communities. This gives you three more ways to attract targeted followers for your business page on Google+. Just find pages, profiles, and communities that your ideal customer would interact upon.

Speaking of groups, you can also create communities with your Google+ page. This allows you to market to community members you attract as your business instead of just as your personal profile.

Attracting Targeted Members for Your Google+ Community

Last, but not least, you have Google+ communities. This is a great way to indirectly get followers for your business. Although they won’t be followers of your page or your profile, you will have their attention if you maintain a spam free community with lots of great discussion around topics that your ideal customers want to know about.

So let’s say you sell a landing page design tool. Instead of naming your ABC Company Landing Page Tool, you might want to call it Landing Page Tips and Tricks. Anyone who wants to learn more about landing pages and conversions will join if they know they can get great answers from you. And the more people see your business answering questions, the more likely they would be to take a look at your tool.

To ensure people in your community can learn more about your business, be sure to take advantage of setting up the about your community information. This information (including a link to your website) will be displayed at the top of your community for all members to see each time they drop by.

Why You Should Use All Three

You might be wondering, at this point, why you should try to get followers in all three areas of Google+ (profiles, pages, and communities). Here’s why: it allows you to connect with the most potential customers. Some people like to connect with people as opposed to pages. Some people would rather keep personal connections with profiles and business connections with pages. And some people would rather just engage with others in communities. With this approach, you’re giving people the option to connect with your business in any way they choose!

Updated November 20, 2017.