A Gift Received Is an E-mail Sent

E-mail Metrics: Three New Platforms to Better Evaluate Your Marketing

E-mail has long held the perception of being a stodgy marketing channel – but lately, it’s been experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Researchers estimate that United States firms alone spent $1.5 billion on e-mail marketing last year, which is expected to grow to $2.5 billion by 2016. Quite a hefty investment, to say the least!

To go along with the resurgence of e-mail, we’re announcing the addition of E-mail Marketing Metrics to our growing roster of supported platforms. As one of the most requested platforms for SumAll to include, we realize how vital e-mail has become to marketers. With this latest integration, users can now analyze their e-mail data alongside other key business metrics to gain insights in real-time.

SumAll’s e-mail metrics suite currently supports MailChimp, Constant Contact, and SendGrid (plus more integrations on the way). By connecting these platforms, you’ll be able to track and optimize each campaign to derive insights such as when the best time is to ship off your campaigns or what segment of people you should be targeting per channel.

When looking at the overall view of your e-mail analytics, you’ll also be able to see which of your campaigns drove visitors and revenue and analyze e-mail performance against the total sum of your marketing efforts. This includes social marketing, paid advertising, SEO, and search tools – every tool you use to do your job.

To see your e-mail performance and how they stack up against your other marketing initiative, connect our three new platforms today.