- 09/21/2015


A Brand New SumAll Is Coming

Over the past five years, SumAll has gone from a simple linechart that supported a select few services to the most widely used connected data tool on the planet with half a million users.
Now we’re changing everything. For the newest version of SumAll, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and redesigned our application from the bottom up. The new SumAll is focused on providing you tools and intelligence that help turn your social media audience into valuable customers.

A New Look

SumAll is all about your audience. The first thing you will see is the size of your following across all of your most important social networks. The new user interface also presents you with clear and easy access to the tools you need to understand, engage, and grow that following.

The Services You Use

We’ve slimmed down and simplified our list of supported services to give you best and most reliable experience.
To start, SumAll will offer connections to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics, and will allow you to upload your email lists. As always, you can connect an unlimited number of profiles – every Twitter account you manage or email segment you have. In the near future, we’ll be reintroducing all of your favorite services from MailChimp to PayPal.

The Tools You Love

Our most popular tools and reporting will be exactly the same – for now. As we continue to add more services you can connect to, we’ll also be adding more data, more intelligence, more automation, and more actions to SumAll. In the meantime, we’ve made customization and management of your Daily Digest email, Reports, Insights, and tweets easier than ever.

One Price, All of SumAll

SumAll will always give you basic views of your audience, Daily Digest, and Twitter publishing for free. But now, our Reports and Insights products will be available for a single price that unlocks all of our most valuable features. Our commitment to work with with agencies and enterprises will also continue with flexible pricing and discounts for high-volume accounts.

Stellar Support

SumAll will continue to provide you with first-class customer support and transparency. We will always be here to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you have any questions about the new SumAll, feel free to reach out to support@sumall.com or @sumallsupport on Twitter.
Updated November 22, 2017.