- 07/03/2014


5 Somewhat Interesting Facts about Independence Day

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago tomorrow is the day in which our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring ourselves a sovereign, self-governing country in the face of the British empire.

So to commemorate this momentous historical event, we will all stuff our collective faces with as many burgers and hot dogs as humanly possible. But don’t you want to know exactly how many pounds of beef, pork, and sausages are consumed?

$213.8 million worth of fireworks imported  

The U.S. imported $213.8 million worth of fireworks from China in 2013. Meanwhile, the U.S. exported a paltry $10.2 million worth in comparison. There’s always next year, America.

$4.0 million worth of U.S. flags imported

The vast majority of U.S. flags that we imported were made in China, while $781,222 American-made flags were exported with the majority going to the Dominican Republic.

$100 billion trade value between the U.S. and U.K.

From hated enemies to our seventh-leading trading partner today.

62.9 million hogs and pigs

While enjoying your pork hot dogs and sausages tomorrow, remember that food traveled all the way from Iowa (home to the majority of the hogs and pigs produced in the U.S.) to get to your plate. And then cry because that hot dog is more well-traveled than you.

6.1 billion pounds of calves and cattle

With a total land mass of of over 260,000 square miles and being the largest state in the lower 48, it would be safe to assume that Texas probably has a bit of farmland to raise livestock. And you would be right – Texas accounts for nearly one-sixth of the nation’s total production of beef weighing in at 6.1 billion pounds with Nebraska and Kansas coming in second and third respectively.

All statistics are from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Updated November 21, 2017.