- 04/10/2017


3 Quick Hacks for When You Have No Clue What to Write

We’ve all been there before. That awful, no good moment when you’ve got absolutely no clue what to write about and no amount of coffee, Diet Coke, energy drink, or wine (no judging here!) has given you the inspiration you need. Basically, you’re in a class A funk. Unfortunately, I’m not a muse and don’t have the cosmic powers to tell you exactly what you should be writing.  What I can do, is share some tips that I use when I find myself in this situation.

1. Ask Support.

Part of support’s job is answering questions. Questions that your users are asking right now. Chances are, they have some pretty good ideas for you to write about. Pick support’s brain (or your own brain if you’re also in charge of support) for intriguing questions that are being asked. If you find something good, just write about the answer.

2. Take a look at Quora.

Just in case you live under a shell, Quora is a wonderful site where people ask questions and get answers. So when you find yourself wondering about what to write, wander on over to Quora and see what people are asking about.Quora

When you first signup they ask you to pick at least 10 industries you are interested in. This makes finding your next post topic even easier.

3. Go to this site.

Guys, this site is amazing. I really did save the best for last. Answerthepublic.com is literally a lifesaver. You enter a keyword and bam, it shows you all the things people are searching for in relation to that keyword. catsLook how beautiful this is. I entered the keyword cats, the site crunched some numbers really quick, and ta-da, they give me this delightful graph. Just from this alone, I can think of some fun blog posts: “Why some people think cats are aliens,” “Did you know some cats can’t purr?” and “What happens when cats attack.” Just to name a few.

Trust me, I get it. Sometimes coming up with an idea to write about can be a struggle, so I really hope these hacks help! Let me know what you think!