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How to Calculate the ROI for Your Social Media Channels

When it comes to evaluating how effective your marketing efforts are, there’s no one single formula for figuring out what your return on investment should be. 

Some companies are worried about how their tweets are creating actual revenue for the business, while others are more concerned with having a popular Twitter account that has a ton of followers and engagement but not a real attributable impact on their bottom line. With so much variation in how companies use social media to social media ROI is bound to look different for everybody, that’s why we made this handy infographic to help you get started. Continue reading “How to Calculate the ROI for Your Social Media Channels”


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7 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Working from Home

It’s no secret that working from home is full of distractions. You’re the only one who seems to realize that you’re on the clock. The kids are calling you, the dogs are barking, the doorbell is constantly buzzing, and your spouse is asking a million questions and leaving you a to-do list. And let’s not forget your own distractions—you’d much rather be watching television or just lying in bed. Am I right?

I work from home an average of two to three times a week. At first, I was determined to make sure that working from home was just as productive as being in the office. After all, there was no rush to make it into the office and no traffic to sit through, so I simply had to freshen up and hit the computer, no?

Around week two the enthusiasm quickly faded. I mean, I was home—checking emails and calling clients could wait. I wanted to do the stuff I had no time for because I was busy commuting and working in an office. Clean the house, run errands, catch up with old TV shows like Breaking Bad, or whatever else I could think of. I quickly realized that if I didn’t want my in-the-office to-do list to pile up, I had to become motivated again and create some organization for working from home.

Here are some tips to keep you motivated when working from home: Continue reading “7 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Working from Home”


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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Participate in Twitter Chats

One aspect of social media that brands are trying to tackle is how to humanize their online presence. Twitter chats offer an ideal opportunity to not only put a face to a brand, but also to increase brand awareness and solidify thought leadership in a brand’s industry. For example, our friends over at Buffer are known for their Wednesday #bufferchat in which they invite various companies to discuss a range of social media and startup topics.

In the past few weeks, we’ve started to participate in various Twitter chats: first the #SEMRushchat on social media best practices and then a #bufferchat on transparency. These chats enabled our team to interact directly with potential customers, collaborate with other companies in our vertical, and improve reach and engagement. Twitter chats usually run for an hour and entail a five to six Q&A with introductions, wrap-ups, and an opportunity to have an open social conversation.

Here are five reasons why your company should participate in Twitter chats (plus one reason not to). Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Participate in Twitter Chats”


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Think Globally, Sell Your Business Locally

In a global world, brand campaigns are going for a more local approach. The key to success in foreign markets is contingent upon understanding the target audience’s population, culture, and competitors.

Having been involved in numerous localized campaigns myself, I’ve seen companies continually make the same mistakes when it comes to customizing their product or service for a particular location, and as a result, fail to succeed in taking over the market in a particular city, state, or region. As the CEO of Mobilizr, my job is to help companies run successful brand engagement campaigns and achieve success as they expand globally.

We often think of the world “translate” in the context of language and personal communication. However, this is the number one reason why global brand campaigns don’t pan out: they fail to translate well for a foreign audience. Take Walmart, for example. In the U.S., they brand themselves as a money-saving value store based on U.S. pricing. In China, they use the same branding, but it fails to translate because Chinese consumers associate that pricing with a premium store. Continue reading “Think Globally, Sell Your Business Locally”


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The Ideal Image Sizes for (almost) Every Social Network

Social networks are extraordinarily fickle when it comes to image size dimensions. Since there’s no standardized size for images that get posted, an image that looks perfect on Pinterest, for example, will look downright unpleasant on Twitter. Luckily we’ve created this handy infographic that has the exact dimensions – down to the pixel – for all of the major social networks.

This infographic contains the most up-to-date dimensions for images for all the most used social media sites: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just save this image to your computer and use it whenever you take the leap and join a new social networking site. Continue reading “The Ideal Image Sizes for (almost) Every Social Network”