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The 5 Principles of Great Dashboard Design

What makes a truly great dashboard? It’s a surprisingly tricky question, as exceptional dashboard design is much easier to recognize than it is to describe. It’s not just a matter of having visually pleasing charts and graphs to work with, and important-looking numbers organized in tidy boxes. It’s a matter of the right data sets being presented in a seamless, instantly graspable manner.

And here’s the kicker: A dashboard design that works perfectly for a marketing team is often a frustrating, unintuitive one for a web-traffic analysis team. To a casual observer, these two dashboards may even look virtually identical. Seemingly tiny tweaks to what data is shown and how it is presented can make all the difference between a great dashboard and an infuriating one.

Creating a great dashboard is a matter of understanding a handful of fundamental concepts, and then applying them to the specific needs of your specific team’s goals. It’s easier than you may think. Continue reading “The 5 Principles of Great Dashboard Design”


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And the Winners of our #SumAllFitbit Contest Are…

To celebrate our recent integration with Fitbit—we’ve also got an integration with Runkeeper and more fitness app integrations are in the works—we put a call out on social media for your funny office workout videos. The three creators with the best/funniest office workouts would receive a Fitbit on us.

Boy, did we get some wacky stuff. Some of it was good and some of you need to step up your workout game. Around the SumAll office, we typically all do 50 pull-ups every day and run half marathons before work. All joking aside, here are the three videos that each won a Fitbit Flex, along with some honorable mentions. Congrats to the winners! Continue reading “And the Winners of our #SumAllFitbit Contest Are…”


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12 Marketing Trends to Expect in the Year Ahead

Taking a moment to look back at 2014 and think ahead to 2015, we’ve collected 12 marketing trends to look for and a few ideas on how to embrace them.

Having an entrepreneurial streak of our own, we know it’s important to keep things streamlined when planning. And, that’s where the 12 days of marketing comes in – break these into your own 12 days of marketing, assessing the value of each one to your business, one day at a time, as we head into the New Year. Continue reading “12 Marketing Trends to Expect in the Year Ahead”

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7 Crucial Points in the Vimeo vs. YouTube Debate

Today’s marketing battles are increasingly taking place through video. Once limited to only the biggest brands with the deepest pockets, today’s most effective video content is often filmed for less than the catering budget of yesterday’s TV ads. Brands and businesses that once would have struggled to gain even a regional foothold can now use video to compete for market share on an international level.

As marketers, it’s increasingly crucial to understand the benefits and limitations of the video-sharing services that make this level playing field possible. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the two best-known video-hosting services for business: YouTube and Vimeo. Continue reading “7 Crucial Points in the Vimeo vs. YouTube Debate”

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How to Run Your Company’s Online Ads as a One Person Team

Peter Borden, SumAll’s resident growth hacker and online advertising overlord recently sat down with me in the office meditation/yoga room (seriously, startups are weird) so that I could pick his brain about the ad ops biz.

I’ll be honest — like Spam and a 40-hour workweek, I don’t understand what ad ops really boils down to. You can’t major in it in college, but you can get a great salary doing it. For this reason, I like to think of it as the polar opposite of an MFA.

Anyhow, like I was saying, Peter let me in on a few secrets about how to kick start in-office ad operations and how to do perform the tasks down and dirty on your own if need be. Here the rundown: Continue reading “How to Run Your Company’s Online Ads as a One Person Team”