Drawing Fuel from the Chaos: An Interview with Lifelong Entrepreneur Dane Atkinson

When Dane Atkinson was just 18 years old he started his first company SenseNet. Not one to rest on his laurels, Dane went on to found over a dozen startups in the intervening years before co-founding SumAll in 2011.

With a lifetime of experience in the startup world, I talked to Dane about being an entrepreneur (hint: it’s a lot like being a pirate) and what it’s like running a company where employees can vote on every business decision. Read on …


The Ins and Outs of Achieving Vimeo Stardom

Online videos have been around for 20 years, beginning with the tried and true VHS digital transfer and culminating with the trusty modernist style of the smartphone upload. After the Dark Ages gave way to a new century, the death of the analog sea liner video recorder, the rise and fall of the flip cam and, finally, the birth of the smartphone. Digital moving image recording is now, literally, in the palm of our hands.

Welcoming this change was a slew of Internet sites dedicated to hosting video content. Vimeo, founded in 2004 as the elder Irish twin of YouTube, was one of the first successful online video sharing platforms, and remains a giant in that same vertical to this day. Goliath YouTube currently sees over one billion uniques per day, making it the Google-reigned leader of the digital video pack, but Vimeo’s slower-but-steady pace has earned it a solid 100 million user base with over 400,000 paid subscribers. Read on …


7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Twitter Trends

Every day, hundreds of new topics, hashtags, and keywords bubble up from the swarming, churning conversational ocean of Twitter. Collectively, these “trending topics” represent a glimpse into the collective social media conversation of the day. You can think of them as conversational waves, swelling as the story or ideas behind them pick up momentum, and dissipating just as quickly when the wave of interest peaks and crashes.

A savvy Twitter marketer, much like an expert surfer, can pick the right trending topic and ride it all the way into the beach, picking up new followers, retweets, and conversions along the way. Not every trending tweet will see great results, and some will be total wipeouts, but once you get the hang of using Twitter trends, you’ll soon find that there are few techniques that provide a better return on your time investment.

These seven tips will help you get started.  Read on …

fitbit productive clip art

The Science of Productivity: How Using Fitness Apps like Fitbit Can Impact Your Performance at Work

In a pair of recent studies, the CDC called attention to two very alarming trends. Americans are not getting nearly enough exercise and a majority fall many hours short of the recommended amount of sleep. Not only is this bad for our health, it harms our productivity as well.

Americans work more hours than workers in nearly any other country but it seems as if we are doing so by sacrificing our time for exercise and sleep. Unsurprisingly, the work we do while tired and unhealthy is not very productive.

An hour spent working instead of sleeping or exercising is not an even trade off. The secret to being as productive as possible is striking the right balance between taking care of ourselves while maximizing the time we spend working at peak productivity.

However, this is easier said than done. With such hectic schedules and many distractions it can simply be too hard to keep track of how much sleep and exercise we get and how much we need. Luckily, there are a host of tools that do this incredibly well.

Below are four examples of tangible gains in productivity that fitness apps like Fitbit can help you achieve. Read on …


5 Shareable Images on the Numbers Behind Halloween

Halloween: The only day of the year it’s acceptable to dress up as a zombie while eating your body weight in candy. Also, you’re not fooling anybody, everyone knows zombies don’t eat candy.

But have you wondered about the consumer trends behind this 7.4 billion dollar holiday? (like the fact that people will spend a total of $7.4 billion on Halloween this year.) So while you’re unwrapping that next Twix, check out some shareable facts about this spooky day we celebrate. Read on …