The DIY Guide to Launching a Successful eBay Store

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses on eBay as a long-term solution for reaching their customer base or as a stepping stone towards building their community and then eventually moving their store off the platform onto their own website.

With either goal in mind, it’s important to launch your eBay store with a strong idea for how your company will differentiate itself from others in the industry by using the feature sets unique to eBay and by optimizing for conversions by understanding the psychology of an eBay customer.

By optimizing the feature sets of your store and catering to the habits of an eBay user, your store will likely receive more qualified traffic and increased sales overtime.

Follow these six tips to successfully launching an eBay store on a shoestring budget. Read on …


The SumBudsman: Selecting Date Ranges

Jacob here, with the newest edition of “The SumBudsman.” Today I’m going to talk about date ranges. No, this does not mean the myriad types of dates that you can go on, i.e. mini-golf, four star restaurant, drive-in movie, ice cream, Russian bath house, hot sauce convention, batting cages, the list goes on.

What I am talking about are the temporal date ranges you can select in SumAll and I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to best select these ranges for what you’re looking to accomplish. Read on …


Why Instagram Is Better than Vine for Video Marketing

Think your business can get by without using Instagram as a marketing channel? Think again.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is the fastest growing social network. With over 200 million users, half of whom joined over the last year or so, it’s too big not to join.

Instagram is hugely popular because of its photo sharing and filtering capabilities and soon might beat Vine at its own game: micro videos. Considering that 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others – an audience that will likely double by 2016 to 1.5 billion – and that the average American attention span in 2013 was around 8 seconds long, you should be spending a whole lot more time on mobile, micro video platforms. But which one? Read on …


Put Website Conversions Back on the Menu

Most online businesses are like a restaurant whose success is judged by how much chicken is sold. That same restaurant offers steak, sushi, burgers, and duck. Yet, they’re surprised when the percentage of people that order chicken is low. Want them to order chicken? Only serve chicken! Take everything else off the menu.

During the course of my work doing conversion optimization and growth hacking I’m often asked, “What are some little quick and easy things I can do to my website to increase conversion?” This is not altogether that different than a restauranteur asking me how to better move those entrees with the best margins, or simply, “what are some easy things I can do to sell more chicken?” Read on …


What a Tingly Sensation Can Teach You About Going Viral on YouTube

YouTube is the new portal to the unknown universe, man’s third eye, and a stand-in for Netflix when the subscription becomes a little too pricey for the pocketbook. The most amazing aspect of YouTube is its ability to broadcast new concepts to the world and having them spread like wildfire as a result.

Take, for instance, a concept born out of soft touches, old-school Yahoo! groups, and Reddit junkies digging around the dark recesses of the Internet for something more substantial than a second-generation cat meme. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos provoke, upon viewing, a series of psychological triggers that produce a spine-chilling effect throughout the body of the viewer. This tingly sensation is achieved through slow, enunciated whispered speech patterns and role-playing exercises that include measured, binary sonic patterns of actors tapping on glasses, tearing paper, and other slightly creepy nuances of sound. Read on …