The 16 Rules of Hashtag Marketing Mastery

If you ever need to demonstrate how powerful online marketing is to someone who isn’t technically minded, you can prove it in a single word: hashtag. Even for people who don’t use Twitter or Instagram, hashtags have become unavoidable parts of modern culture. They’re standard branding tools in everything from fast food commercials to music videos, condensing a marketable idea or emotion into a simple, shareable concept.

Using hashtags successfully in a marketing context can be tricky, however. There are many horror stories of hashtag campaigns gone awry (#McDStories is a classic example), where a poor understanding of social media turned a marketing idea into an outright disaster. There are also countless examples of poorly planned hashtag efforts that resulted in little more than wasted time and money.

A hashtag is simply a means to organize and advertise an idea. The more appealing the idea, the more likely the hashtag is to be shared. With a little insight into how hashtags work, you can greatly increase the odds that your social media campaigns on hashtag-friendly platforms will actually see real-world results in conversions. Read on …


How to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Shop Using SumAll – Featuring AWAYSAWAY

Makers, do-ers, movers-and-shakers have never had so many ways to reach their target audience of buyers and followers. But with so many ways to potentially reach them – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, the list goes on – how do you know what works best?

With specialty online marketplaces like Etsy – “where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods” – the opportunity to sell is there, but how do you know your effort to drive traffic to your Etsy shop is working? Enter Etsy for SumAll.

Etsy is one of SumAll’s newest connected platforms to help you get all your data in a single place. Rather than take you through a tour of how you can track your shop’s favorites, orders, and revenue when you connect your Etsy seller account to SumAll, we asked Clare McGibbon of AWAYSAWAY – an early SumAll adopter – to share some of her secrets. Read on …


4 Community Management Myths Debunked

Community exists somewhere in the stratosphere of product, customer service, marketing, and blowing people’s minds with unforgettable user experiences.

Founders often do not fully grasp how community fits into the larger framework of what they’re building. Community is a cross between getting the word out (marketing), making people feel good (customer service, user experience), and developing something world-changing (product, brand).

In order to understand what community means for your startup, you first need to understand what community is not.

Again and again, I hear four common misconceptions about community management for startups. I’ll debunk these four myths in order to shed light on the real power behind community management. Read on …


17 Tips to Supercharge Social Media for Your Business

Making the best use of social media has never been more vital for doing business. Yet, many marketers and executives still view social media as something akin to alchemy, a seemingly random collection of status updates and hashtags that are somehow supposed to result in increased sales. If not approached systematically, and with an understanding of the principles and best practices of social media engagement, those same companies often see lackluster results from their efforts.

Don’t make that same mistake. Simply by applying a few advanced strategies, your company’s social media presence can generate brand awareness, grow conversions, and vastly expand the sales funnel at a fraction of the normal marketing cost. To see those results, it helps to have a few pointers.

Here are 17 tips for making your social media presence spectacular. Read on …