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How to Achieve Big Content Marketing Wins as a Small Business

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies in a marketers bag of tricks. We’ve all heard some of the success stories focused on how much content has been helping big businesses like Red Bull or American Express grow, but when we look a bit further, we notice that it can be a challenging initiative to tackle for smaller companies with limited resources and tight budgets.

However, these constraints should not defer your small business from creating your own content marketing strategy, and attempting some big wins along the way. Content marketing is actually a very cost effective technique for reaching your audience in the long-term and should be incorporated with your other marketing channels to best cater to the needs of your growing customer base. Continue reading “How to Achieve Big Content Marketing Wins as a Small Business”


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How to Negotiate Online Ad Buys

There is one key to negotiating the best rates for online display advertising, and that is knowledge. Knowing what you want, where you can get it, and how much everyone is charging will ensure that you get the best rates possible on the best sites possible.

In this post, we’re going to look at how you can get the knowledge you need to negotiate the best online ad prices possible. Continue reading “How to Negotiate Online Ad Buys”


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Why Generating Results from Content Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Content marketing promises a variety of exciting benefits that we dream of achieving, but results can be aggravatingly slow at times as compared to other marketing channels. Between our needs for immediate results and measurable returns, the realization that content marketing is a long-term investment often gets lost in the shuffle.

We have to start thinking months ahead on when we can expect to see results from content marketing. What can we do today that can provide value for our future exploits and how can we create content that keeps on giving? It’s a thorough mindset that prepares your marketing strategy for progress down the road.

While it is possible to accomplish success early, the key is to consistently build a terrific brand experience and audience over time with your content. Content marketing is an ongoing process that should be integrated into your overall marketing plan and this requires meticulous strategy and an almost obsessive amount of nurturing.

Content marketing is a long-term commitment and here’s why. Continue reading “Why Generating Results from Content Marketing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint”


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Stop Being a Loser: 12 Tips to Avoid Social Churn

Nobody loves cats more than I do. Chunks of my day are routinely lost looking at cat GIFs, videos, photos, anything to satisfy my admittedly unhealthy love for these furry companions. But even I have my limits.

If I’m browsing my Instagram feed and I see somebody post five photos in quick succession of their cat, that’s a surefire way to get an unfollow from me – and this is coming from somebody that dresses up their cat as a different Disney character every Halloween. So, step away from the hashtag, don’t even think about taking out that selfie stick, and check out this infographic for 12 tips on what you should and shouldn’t do on social media to get a loyal following. Continue reading “Stop Being a Loser: 12 Tips to Avoid Social Churn”


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The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi

Meet Mallory

Mallory Johns is the Social Media Director for DeVito/Verdi, a full-service advertising agency located in the heart of Manhattan.

With a variety of national clients ranging from Tribe Hummus to Gold Toe Socks, DeVito/Verdi is a mid-size agency competing with some of the largest advertising companies in the world. As the point-person for the social media side of the business, Mallory uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to both promote client content and manage brand communities. Continue reading “The “Perfect Analytics Solution”: A Case Study with DeVito/Verdi”