How to Make Your Blog More Facebook Friendly

According to Shareaholic, Facebook drives nearly one-fourth of all referral traffic across the web. That’s more traffic than Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and the many other major players in social media are able to generate.

Facebook marketing can help your organization achieve its goals whether that’s driving relevant traffic to your website, increasing conversation about your business, strengthening customer loyalty and more if used correctly to best provide value to your audience.

Use Facebook to tap into the full potential of your marketing efforts by provide long-term value to your audience through ongoing education and entertainment on your company blog.

It’s critical that from the very beginning of your blogging efforts that your blog is optimized for Facebook to ensure it’s as easy as possible to share your best content across the social network.

Here’s how to make your blog more Facebook friendly from the very beginning. Read on …


Why We Sent Doughnuts to Our Happy Customers

Months and months ago our team brainstormed ways to thank SumAll’s advocates — the ones willing to shout from the tweet-tops that they think we’re rad — beyond just responding with a, “hey thanks.”

The folks that are really enthusiastically letting people know that they love our product deserve to know we’re listening and that we appreciate the sentiment. Read on …


Why Startups Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to Reddit and Snapchat

These days, most social media advice for small businesses really translates as advice for using Facebook and Twitter.

Are you as sick of hearing about those two platforms as we are?

There’s no doubt that businesses can leverage tremendous value out of those two behemoths. But what about other forms of social media—social media that has just as much traffic, just as much “viral-fuel” potential, but less overall competition?

Enter two less-conventional ways to market your small business: Snapchat and Reddit. Read on …


An E-Commerce Seller’s Guide to Sweet Success [Infographic]

Did you know PayPal is the number one payment method for online orders accounting for 44% of sales? Or that June is the worst month for sales, dropping a precipitous 43% in comparison to the peak of December.

After analyzing data from over 17,000 online merchants over a four year period, we uncovered some surprising trends and provided tip on how to take advantage of the market when its ripe. Check out the infographic below. Read on …


Google+ to End Their Real Name Policy

This month, Google announced a change that’s good news for privacy activists and a new wrinkle for anyone working in marketing: Google+ is ending their real name policy, and letting users adopt pseudonyms if they so wish. It’s a big change for Google, which has aggressively pushed real names on their social networking service. And because Google has integrated Google+ into YouTube’s comments section and analytics engine, it impacts YouTube as well. Read on …