Three Steps to Forming Partnerships with Influencers on Tumblr

Creating partnerships with influencers on social media can be a really beneficial way to reach your audience wherever they are most active in an organic way.

Tumblr is a thriving social network that’s often underutilized by businesses, which represents an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by building a following of the platform’s most active contributors to help your company achieve its goals.

According to Search Engine People, the average visit to Tumblr is 14 minutes, longer than Twitter or Facebook. Tumblr users tend to be more engaged when on the social network and less likely to get distracted by other content, which is probably due to the various type of content present on the platform from GIFs to long-form blog posts.

It’s important that your business creates content on Tumblr, encourages users to create content about their business and partners with influencers to create another type of content. This balance of who’s creating content about your business is the measure of a healthy content marketing strategy. Read on …


Did You Even Know About Instagram’s New Explore Algorithm?

Instagram has quickly become a game changer for small businesses active in the social media sphere. From posting product shots to little slices of your company’s culture (something we do from time to time), it’s perhaps the best media to get a quick point across to a captive audience.

It’s also the fastest growing social media. But did you know that Instagram recently — and silently — changed an algorithm within their service that makes it an even more viable social media for your business? Read on …


Why E-Mail Marketing Is Crucial for Your Small Business

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your small business online. Creating an email marketing strategy provides your business the opportunity to reach millions of Internet users every year.

Not only will you be building brand awareness, it will also reshape the way your customers interact with your business. Here are some tips that will help you as your craft an email marketing strategy: Read on …


How to Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

If you’re the page manager of a Facebook page, especially one that’s popular, you’ve likely encountered the issue of dealing with duplicates pages either from your own organization’s mishaps, excited fan communities or even from copycats.

The process of handling duplicate Facebook pages is probably one of the least “sexy” aspects of using social media, despite it being essential for your company’s presence on the social network.

It’s likely one of the more frustrating things a community manager has to deal with, since the process of reporting duplicates and removing them isn’t always easy and can be a time consuming aspect of your Facebook marketing. Read on …


The Right and Wrong Way to Use Social Media

It’s amazing how many startups and small brands dump social media in the lap of an intern simply because they have an Instagram account.

Don’t let it be an afterthought or something that’s more fun than professional. Social media should be treated as a facet of an overall marketing plan with clear objectives, ROI goals, and a thoughtful strategy with a set of tactics. Read on …