How to Draw the Most Out of Instagram for Your Business

If you are using Instagram in your online marketing strategy, then you already know you need to regularly upload photos and videos that your fans will love.

But how can you get more out of your Instagram updates that could lead to results? In this post, we’re going to share five marketing tips you might not have tried that will draw the most out of Instagram for your business. Read on …


The SumBudsman: Logging In Edition

Hi all. Jacob here for the first installment of “The SumBudsman.” I started as the community manager here at SumAll a few short weeks ago, which puts me in a unique position: I, like many of you, am learning to use many aspects of SumAll.

In an effort to clean up some of the banana peels SumAll customers sometime slip on, I’ll be doing a regular post to walk you through some of our features. Consider me your official SumAll “ombudsman.” Tweet @SumAll or @SumAllSupport with your questions. All feature requests are passed on to SumAll’s design team for consideration. Read on …


Why Your Company Needs to Host Hackathons

Will Vanderhoef is an engineer at SumAll primarily working on new ways to gather and visualize data to make it more useful for users.

He’s also the creator of our internal hackathons so we picked his brain on what hackathons are, why they’re important, and why your company should start hosting them. Read on …


How Brands, Publishers, and Non-Profits Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest burst on to the scene in 2011 becoming one of the top ten social networking websites online. With the amount of traffic and engagement on the website, brands, publishers, and non-profits took notice to the huge potential Pinterest has and began an active presence on the social platform.

Pinterest currently has 70 million users worldwide which represents a major opportunity for organizations of all types to engage with Pinterest users on and off the website. From collaborations between Target and well-known Pinterest party-ware influencers to the five-story Pinterest board created by Caribou Coffee displayed at the Mall of America, the social network has seen mainstream interest from many of the top organizations across the world due to its appeal to so many different demographics.

A vast majority of activity on Pinterest, in terms of images pinned, is done by the users themselves. But of the other activity conducted by brands, publishers, and non-profits are typically focused on achieving a few goals. Of the vast variety of benchmarks these organizations take interest in, encouraging engagement with their pins and boards on their account, increasing the amount of user-generated content around their online imagery and driving traffic to their websites tend to be the main activities of most organizations look to achieve on Pinterest.

Driving traffic from Pinterest to your web properties is one of the best values of the social network and many of these organizations have identified what formula for pinning works well with their audience on the channel. Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic as compared to Facebook’s 37% and drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined.

Here’s how brands, publishers, and non-profits currently drive qualified traffic from Pinterest to help achieve the same goals for your organization. Read on …


How to Engage on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube as Your Business

Are you looking for more ways to boost your exposure and increase your fan base on networks like Facebook, Google+, and YouTube?

If so, then you’ll want to engage as your business on these networks. On Twitter, it’s as easy as logging into your profile and tweeting with other people with Twitter profiles. On Facebook and Google+, you don’t have as many engagement options as you would with a personal profile, and on YouTube, you have a few options you may not know about. In this post, we’re going to show you how to engage as your business on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. Read on …