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The Foundation: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Guide to All Major Social Networks

Update: You can now see the infographic in its entirety below.

In celebration of Social Media Day, we’re shipping our new, shareable, printable, hangable guide to all the major social networks: “The Foundation.”

No catch, no cost. The Foundation has the best times to post, ideal image size, ideal hashtags, post length, and more for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This data was sourced from almost half a million SumAll users and cross-referenced with other top social research.

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The Social Media Best Practices Handbook: 13 Experts Give Their Perspective on the Industry

Last week we put out The Foundation: our shareable, printable, hangable cheat sheet guide to all major social networks. Featuring the best times to post, ideal image size, ideal hashtag, and more, The Foundation was created to act as a resource for not only industry professionals, but everyone with an active presence on any social network.

As a follow up, we interviewed 13 social media marketers. Ranging from the community manager of Bitly to the social media assistant of Mashable, check out what these experts’ advice on how to win over your audience and what it’s like working in the trenches of social media. Continue reading “The Social Media Best Practices Handbook: 13 Experts Give Their Perspective on the Industry”


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6 Interesting Ways to Encourage User Generated Content on Instagram

Promoting and encouraging user generated content (UGC) can be a cost-effective tactic that yields a variety of benefits from enriching customer experiences to building a stronger community. According to Nielsen, 43% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after learning about it on social media, a common distribution channel for user generated content.

While there are multiple social channels to promote user content, Instagram has been an increasingly popular platform for brands interested in visual storytelling and can be an effective network for both large and small businesses to encourage users to generate content.

From having an on-site photo booth in your retail stores to running a social contest or integrating Instagram photos in your web properties, there are many ways to encourage your customer base to take and share images of your products and offerings on Instagram.

Learn from the following strategies and how these brands promoted and drove unique user generated content campaigns on Instagram to expand their content’s organic reach, increase social proof, and create visually compelling stories. Continue reading “6 Interesting Ways to Encourage User Generated Content on Instagram”


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The Perfect Social Media Cocktail

Happy 4th of July weekend! While most of us are already mentally checked out of work and ready to embark on a much needed four-day vacation from our desks, the reality is that as social media managers, we are never really “off.” There are still mentions to be responded to, monitoring to be done, and holidays to capitalize on – at least until we can schedule posts on Instagram and automate human interaction.

When posting on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, we optimize our posts so that they are shareable and successful. This takes tons of trial and error, but below we have the top ingredients that make a social media post successful. Continue reading “The Perfect Social Media Cocktail”


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6 Tools to Nurture Leads and Increase Referrals

In the highly competitive social selling landscape, the fortune is in the follow-up. Service-based businesses, consultants, and agencies rely on word-of-mouth promotion to be successful, reporting that 72% of their business comes from referrals. So what are you doing to stay relevant and top of mind? You know you need to strengthen your network, but people are forgetting you because you just can’t find the right words or reasons to slide into their inbox. Thus, you are missing out on revenue from closing deals and getting referrals. Our friends at Contactually are helping us change all of that.

We partnered on a referrals webinar last week to show our users how to send timely, personal, and relevant follow-ups to your network and what tools can streamline that process. Creating a touch point from a personal or professional event improves your likelihood of getting a response as well as building rapport with your contact. Use events like birthdays, births, vacation, relocation, promotion, job changes, and company news to reconnect with contacts and remain top of mind. Continue reading “6 Tools to Nurture Leads and Increase Referrals”